So far, The Roots are doing better than Jimmy Fallon

(UPDATE: Huffington Post reported today that Fallon’s first week beat out Conan’s ratings numbers when he first appeared on Late Night. Read the comments after the article, because readers aren’t buying it.)

Jimmy Fallon has just taken over Conan O’Brien’s old spot, and let me tell you, except for listening to The Roots in between, Fallon is a crashing bore.

Fallon may be a good sketch artist on SNL (frankly, he never rang my chimes when he was there, either) but he is absolutely not funny here, and using The Roots like Conan and Leno use their band guys increasingly irks me. One gets the idea Conan and Leno have had simpatico with their guys because they’ve hung out together and/or rehearsed a lot, but it’s not working between Fallon and The Roots. Plainly The Roots are infinitely more interesting, and that they are holding Fallon up like a bouncer holding up a sloppy drunk.

I don’t know how in the world Fallon going to survive until Conan officially takes the reins of The Tonight Show, because Craig Ferguson on CBS is tons more fey, with a merciless twinkle in his eye that’s mighty hard to ignore. Like Simon Vozick-Levinson said in’s “Pop Matters”:

That said, I’m still not 100 percent sold on Fallon as a late-night host. There were times when seeing this band reduced to his sidemen made me want to call up Jeff Zucker and tell him to just greenlight a TV show where the Roots sit there playing awesome jams from their albums for a full hour every night, already. It would be more entertaining than Fallon, I swear!

Agreed. I think The Roots can stand on their own. Give them a way to be funny without sliding pathetically into ministrelsy, and this could be a hella show with guest music artists.

Fallon, I sure am not too sure he’s gonna survive.

~ by blksista on March 12, 2009.

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