Pass the Popcorn…

Edward Liddy, president of AIG, is on the hot seat today in Congress. I wish I had a ringside seat, but so does much of the adult population at this moment. I’m going to settle for live streaming on the computer for a while…almost as good as C-Span.

It’s a bit early in the morning, but you may want to make sure you have enough popcorn in the house/apartment. This is going to get interesting in more ways than one. Rather rich, you might say. Me, I am working on coffee at the moment. Headlines are screaming louder than usual today. The MSM is going to work this train wreck for all it’s worth. It’s a whodunnit worthy of Inspector Morse.

New York Post: Not So Fast, You Greedy Bastards

Huffington Post (HuffPo): It Didn’t Die By Osmosis.

Washington Post (WaPo): Wall Street’s Dangerous Refusal to Learn

How in hell did the bailout provision to rein in company bonuses suddenly disappear after a secret Senate committee meeting?
Just who excised the provision among those senators? Who gave the word? Was it a joint decision, but with who? I think we’re going to know before this week is out, and it still won’t be good.

This looks as if Obama is asleep at the switch. He isn’t, but I’ll say again that Geithner does not have his back, nor Bernanke and Summers. Why Obama chose these guys is still beyond my comprehension. They are too quiescent against people who used to employ them or who were co-workers of theirs. They are all errand boys. I hope Valerie is giving him some advice, because now even Rahm is NOT trustworthy.

~ by blksista on March 18, 2009.

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