Ramping Up the Hate on Michelle Obama

The First Lady, showing the world what shes got (Courtesy: HuffPo)

The First Lady, showing the world what she's got (Courtesy: HuffPo)

I thought they had stopped tripping about Michelle and her bare arms, “Thunder and Lightning” as columnist David Brooks called them, in Vogue, in the halls of Congress, in her White House official portrait.

When even ultra-contrarian Stanley Crouch, whom I loathe, has to jump into this latest fray, you know something is hitting a nerve.

First Tammy Bruce, and now Burt Prelutsky. Both are attacking Michelle Obama this week.

Tammy Bruce, who calls herself a “progressive feminist”–lawd have mercy–but still finds the time to appear on Faux News, criticized the First Lady while guesting on The Laura Ingraham Show. Bruce dissed Michelle for using a “weird fake accent” to speak to black children about getting better grades, and described the Obamas as “trash in the White House.” Take a listen:

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She says that Michelle is using a fake accent like Hillary Clinton assuming a fake down-home accent talking to her constituents during the primaries. What does accent have to do with it when one is trying to make a point to black children about studying hard and making good grades regardless of what other kids say?

The kicker is about the Obamas being trash. Black trash, that is.

Why doesn’t she just say the N-word, and be done with it? Because that is what Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and even Juan Williams want to say out loud. That word. Open the floodgates and let it fly. They’re thinking it when they use code words like trash, but off-camera and pushed away from the computer keyboard, they say it under their breaths, they say it behind closed doors, without booze.

As I said before, apparently Stanley has Michelle’s back. On top of the Ivy League diploma and the striver’s cred, Michelle is a dark-skinned black woman, just as Stanley is a dark-skinned black man. Only uglier, in my estimation, and nastier. Ta-Nehisi Coates still has a link to a Village Voice article on Stanley’s ugly ways on his blog at The Atlantic. A percentage of this ugly has to do with the dissing he’s gotten for being a big, dark-skinned brother, which is a touchy subject among blacks. However, all this dissing made Stanley step up to Michelle’s defense like CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

Ours is not yet a country convinced of the value of the inner life, or the life of the mind, but it will get there once it ceases to be distracted and stupefied by glitter and distortedly large bags of hot air attached to small points, like those huge extensions of the bodies of queen termites. Superficial fluff defines our time and is too often provided by insults to the possibilities of the species like Tammy Bruce, who was quite right when she said that trashiness knows no limitations of class or color. Yes, there are all-American assholes better at talking trash than providing actual thoughts or enriching insights. Tammy Bruce, the intellectual slut on the talkshow bus, clarifies one thing: They prove themselves what they are if you let them talk long enough.

W. Burt Prelutsky was a former TV writer for shows like M*A*S*H and Diagnosis: Murder. Then, in the words of Chris Kelly at Huffington Post, he became a crank. The crank now writes a column for Townhall.com, a Christian right-wing website run by an equally Christian and right-wing radio network, where yesterday he scratched out the following piece of offal:

Take Michelle Obama…please. Every time I turn around, there she is on a magazine cover. Now, normally, like the Mafia, I lay off the spouses, but inasmuch as this particular spouse attended the same racist church as her hubby for 20 years, I’ll make an exception in her case. After all, in spite of the fact that affirmative action got her an Ivy League degree and a $7,000-a-week salary and, moreover, has sent billions of dollars for no particularly good reason to Africa, she insists this is a mean country. The burning question in my circle is: if the First Family gets a female dog, will she be the First Bitch or will she have to settle for second place?

Get it?

Like I said before, why don’t they just say it?

I think part of the virulence is the fact that for a lot of people, they’ve never seen anything like this before in their MF’ing lives. A black couple, demonstrating black love on Inauguration Night with lovely, generally well-behaved girls that have sleep-ins and like the Jonas Brothers like a lot of other girls their age, are living in The White House. More or less, they are conducting themselves with poise and elegance equal to the occasion. This trips out the haters, because they refuse to see black people as anything but welfare queens, drug dealers, purse stealers, rapists, prostitutes, and crazed homeless vets. Nothing appealing but negativity and disorder. They’ve been watching too much TV.

The Obamas are winning people over to the fact that black people are, and always will be, human beings, not a monolith. They are also not the Huxtables either. The more rational and beautiful they act; the more virulent and savage the haters become. And what better way to demoralize the President of the United States than to drive the knife through his wife.

That’s why I am waiting for the N-word to appear on the lips of these haters champing at the bit. Like CPL over at Jack & Jill Politics said:

And, a lil’ off topic, but I think it will be a tie between MC Steal Moe Bling [Michael Steele] and the perennial House Negro/Slave Catcher, Juan Williams, as to who will officially become the Lawn Jockey for the GOP and open the floodgates to bigotry by officially dissing the POTUS and his family by calling them Niggers. Juan, you live here in DC – and you are recognizable, because you are the ugliest mofo walking around in DC and think you have it going on like that. Guess those white women you sexually harassed couldn’t really appreciate your talents, but did you have to ensure yourself a place on the Field Negro’s Lawn by dissing Michelle Obama and saying she looked like Stokely Carmichael or James Brown?

Yeah, let them get all the sickness out of their systems by saying that word.

And then watch the beatdown emerge from all quarters. You still cannot say that word without living with the consequences.

Oh, if you want to complain about Prelutsky’s despicable remarks about black bitches to his bosses, click here.

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  1. Tammy Bruce’s comments about black men were so racist
    that she was expelled even from NOW,yet she backed The
    Terminator Gov. even after his ugly sexist history was
    exposed by the LA Times.


    • …and how do you think the sisteren feel about this b*tch? We don’t take kindly to her; lotta eye-rolling, lotta “I don’t wanna hear it”s, but general anger all the way around. She’s dog-whistling, just like Hillary did during the election. The only way she gets play is because these wingers have a mic or two. Oh, excuse me: MSNBC, CNN (sometimes known as the Clinton News Network)…those mics, too.

      Thank you for visiting my poor beknighted blog. I wish I were back in Cali again, although I am trying hard to get out of Cheeseland.

      Come back again.


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