Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

Now some of the kids are beginning to change their minds, saying he should have pled guilty. They refer to the photo published as proof. I think Brown should have added, “…by reason of insanity,” because nothing short of that is going to get him off. Here’s the video:

From Bossip:

Legal experts contend the case will likely end with Brown accepting a plea deal on lesser charges, with anywhere from a jail sentence of 30 to 180 days and three to five years of probation.

Chris Brown seriously needs a jail sentence of more than 30 days, not some probation that he’ll gratefully skip when he’s making his eleventeenth album. Jail means, idiot, don’t do it again, or else. He needs to grow up and stop hitting women. A cell mate looking like one of those thugs who couldn’t get into the Dance Party with Kid and Play would cure him of that mess quickly.

And he needs Rihanna more than she needs him. I hope she does get on the stand, and the prosecutor lays her open for protecting Brown for saying that it was her fault. Because that is what she’ll probably say on the stand, the twit. After that, he’ll drop her like an empty pack of Newports, and her career won’t survive the blow.

And so it goes.

~ by blksista on April 7, 2009.

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