Love, Race and the Black Disney Princess

I saw this over at New America Media. The young women are YoBloggers Jazmyne Young and Erricka X; and they are discussing the new black Disney Princess Tiana and her indeterminately-raced Prince Naveen.

The teens also air their feelings about interracial celebrity couples that they’ve come to know from the entertainment world, from the Ice-Ts to the David Bowies, and whether they approve or disapprove of their relationships. It may be all a matter of opinion, but opinion is all when it comes to box office. Word of mouth can make or break a film, a TV show, a CD.

They do confirm my view, in my first post about this controversy, “Disney’s First Black Princess Has a Wha…White! Latino? Prince,” that Disney is going to blow it, because Naveen is not going to garner any points among many African Americans, especially their perceived target audience, African American young women. They say they’re on to what Disney’s trying to do: to pull in more whites with a brown-looking man that looks white; and they suggest that Disney rethink their strategy. Check it out.

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~ by blksista on April 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Love, Race and the Black Disney Princess”

  1. LatinaAussie, I agree. It’s annoying. Black Americans love and embrace biracial people like Barrack Obama and get nastily offended when these biracial people don’t identify themselves with their black side only (Tiger Woods), but they love complaining about a black person in an interracial relationship.

    Prince Naveen is neither white nor Latino. He’s likely Indian/Middle Eastern with a name like ‘Naveen’ and his mother wears a sari in the movie, and NO, contrary to what black Americans think, Middle Eastern/Indians, Latino are not white, despite that archaic “caucasoid” label based on colonial anthropological studies steeped in politics.

    And yes, he’s a prince, so they had to bring him from the outside, and at the same time, it’s still a Disney princess movie, so they had to make it resemble other Disney princess movies.

    Disney movies are NOT supposed to be political or social commentary. They’re meant to be light-hearted. Disney had to alter the movie’s script so many times to the conclusion it has now.

    Enjoy it, that’s all.


  2. I don’t understand all this bias against interracial couples. Personally i think it’s great. Why should people have to stick to having relationships with people who only share similar skin colour or race? I don’t think that is very fair. A relationship should be based on mutual love & respect for one another.

    The Disney story is based in New Orleans, America. As America has no true Monarchy/Royalty being a Republic, Disney had to bring a visiting foreign Prince for the story to make it work. Are you going to harp on about the Prince even more because his foreign as well as tanned?

    It makes me so mad that in a world where we want people to be more accepting of racial differences, people would make such a fuss & stoop so low as to complain about the colour of a cartoon character’s skin in a childrens movie. What a nice message to give kids around the world.

    Also to “ladyj” I’m latina aussie & i would watch a movie that starred any actor from any race, coz i don’t judge what movie i’d see just from the colour of actors skin. It’s a horrible assumption to make & everyone i’ve asked to see if they shared a similar opinion based on what you said was disgusted by the thought.

    Children who are brought to respect and value people equally, regardless of race, will enjoy the movie regardless of the skin colour of the main characters. As will I.


  3. When I first saw the picture, I sighed. I thought it was for sure that I would buy it on DVD, now, not so much. They get a Black Princess, but she can’t get a Black Prince?



    • Yeah, heavy, heavy sigh.

      You know I was on the other side of the controversy around Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton’s affair in “Monster’s Ball.” I didn’t see anything wrong with their coupling then.

      This is different. Let Tiana have a black prince, g*ddamn. Don’t we have a black prince (king!) in the White House already? And didn’t black love look good on TV on Inauguration Night? Sheesh.


      • our king in the white house is MULATTO with a black queen too…I say at least they made him some kind of something. It is disney after all $$$$$$ is the bottom line and white families don’t flock to black charactered films


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