Cricket Broadband’s Versions of “Respect”

Over here in Cheeseland, we have Cricket. It’s a new cell phone and broadband network. They certainly have a good advertising firm behind them, because the channels here are saturated with catchy Cricket commercials. Yeah, I was suckered in, but so far they’ve kept their promises. It’s pretty good.

What’s been playing lately are these two commercials. One is with this sister singing, bopping, scatting and drumming out, Aretha’s always wonderful Respect. The minute one is the one I like, but all I could find on You Tube is a shorter, 30-second one. The other version of Respect is sung by mostly white kids. This one is my overall favorite.

Some of them sing it badly, sometimes hilariously; a couple are wearing Afro wigs and acting like Sixties-era backup singers and singing it, and then there is one white girl, whose first name I gather is Lukeja, who’s really trying to belt it out a la Miss Re.

What can I say? Both commercials are amusing, kinda sweet. What makes it really subversive is that while Cricket is trying to impress on the populace that they will get respect from this cell phone company, these underage white kids are actually singing the part of a black adult woman who is insisting that she get well and properly laid with her old man for what she does for him.

Then again, it took me over 40 years to realize what those words in Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love actually meant.

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~ by blksista on April 15, 2009.

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  1. OMG YES!!!! I cant stand it – every friggin 5-10 minutes, that SAME commercial comes on – a whiney-assed girl screeching:”Hit it Maestro!” WTF?!? I looked them up online (did they think people wouldn’t go online for reviews?) Dang! Looks like their service REALLY stinks – a lot of billing done by direct deposit on people’s accounts, even after they cancelled service. And lousy customer service – a billion commercials an hour won’t change their track record.


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