GOP Holding Up HHS Secretary-Designate Sibelius’ Confirmation During Flu Crisis

They’re filibustering this woman’s appointment over late-term abortion. They’re out of their fracking minds. Don’t they know that without Kathleen Sibelius, appointment of her subordinates cannot proceed, and the business of the Department of Health and Human Services cannot go forward to address this current health danger? Such foot-dragging could mean other American deaths, particularly the deaths of wanted children, perhaps in the hundreds.

This madness rates with Reagan refusing to address the AIDS epidemic until it was well on its destructive way. To add insult to injury, there’s the fact that the GOP insisted the Dems slash influenza preparedness from the stimulus package, courtesy of Senator Susan Collins of Maine. The Republicans continue to call disastrously bad political moves golden opportunities, and this is one of them. They’re a bunch of Mister Magoos who won’t admit they have a problem. They’ve been reduced to fearmongerers anyway, not people who want to solve problems, or even take preventative steps to keep problems from happening.

Take Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, for instance. Jindal criticized the Dems about including monies for volcano monitoring in the budget in his response to Obama’s “State of the Union” address, saying that it was yet another example of needless pork barrel politics. The next month, Mount Redoubt in Alaska blew up, sending clouds of smoke and ash blanketing the Anchorage area. The Geological Survey people weren’t too pleased about what Jindal said. They count on funding to monitor volcanoes in order to keep people living around them healthy and out of harms way. Seems like Rhodes Scholar Jindal knows nada-zip-zilch about active volcano and earthquake fault zones in the United States, but everything about posturing and primping for the teabagger types.

Does he know about how to get the Army Corps of Engineers to strengthen those levees? Or about hurricane preparedness for New Orleans and outlying areas in the path of “a big one”? I notice that we haven’t heard word one from Jindal since he tried to ascend to national prominence; it will be the same for Collins, who as late as this month was trumpeting about her Pyrrhic victory over wasteful spending on her congressional website.

Wattle-faced Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is begging for yet another wake-up call. He wants Sibelius confirmed with 60 votes, flu or no flu. It may happen this week, but then again, the GOP is still holding up Al Franken of Minnesota taking his seat in the Senate, though Norm Coleman doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

What are they waiting for? The moment to point fingers at Obama and at last make them stick? Or when people are filling the hospitals? This is rank idiocy. Americans want to see their government do something about issues that concern them deeply, whether it is the economy or the new swine-bird combo flu. It takes a long while before government agencies can really begin to make or implement policy, something like six months to a year. Stockpiling Ralenza and Tamiflu is a reflexive, emergency move; but organizing other measures takes more than just that: finding other resistant prophylactics against flu and other viruses, like the dreaded flesh-eating variety that you can get in hospitals, for instance.

I think we finally have leadership in this country, but we certainly don’t have common sense yet, even in a world emergency. Listening to dittoheads, racists, and culture warriors from some twenty-odd years ago isn’t going to resurrect the GOP. That past is dead; and we just as well may be if these nincompoops continue on the track they’re on. Write a few Congresspeople online (or better yet, call) and insist that this madness stop with the approval of Sibelius.

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~ by blksista on April 28, 2009.

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