The Bald Eagles Near Comox, Vancouver Island

I was hoping that this was on YouTube. A college friend of mine sent an e-mail of this group of photos to me.

It reminded me of Pale Male and his families in Central Park, and of the birders who watch over and advocate for them, sometimes to the point of near-fanaticism.

I thought about the koalas in Australia, like “Sam,” who were burnt out from the winter fires, and somehow made it to people who would give them fresh water and heal their burns. (One in particular drank water in a bucket and then sat in it.) It’s all the more amazing for koalas because normally, they don’t like to be around people. They are afraid. They are crabby and defensive, and have sharp claws. They will pee on you, too.

Bald eagles have sharp claws as well. Yeah, I’ve seen them in picture books, but up close and personal, these animals are BIG. Huge. And they don’t play. They could rip your arm down to the bone. Yet, to prevent more of their pet cats being rapt away for food, some citizens decided to take the responsibility for feeding the eagles during the long winter. These photos were taken in January.

These people apparently built makeshift perches for them on which to roost, or they led the eagles to a place where these were already present. The eagles did not become defensive with them, and allowed them to come close, and sometimes even closer. They even evinced some independent curiosity about the people who were caring for them and photographing them at certain times, whether at rest or fighting over the fish.

The good part of all this is that these animals remain wild, even if they come to people for food, water and/or healing, or a place to be (once, on Woody Allen’s balcony) during this time of climate change. They should be cared for and if they are able (they aren’t missing a limb, for example), they should be allowed to stay where they are, separate from human interaction.

In their own way, they show that they are grateful. And that should be enough. I don’t think we should make them tame, turn them into pets, dependents, or substitute children, because that’s not who they are.

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  1. Do not post incorrect information. Those eagle photos were taken at Homer, Alaska, not Comox.


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