The Story of Stuff

This video has been going around junior and senior high schools all over the country, and to people around the world. If anything, I thought I would help in letting everyone else know about it, too.

For one thing, here in America, some black folks are pretty much interested with getting as much “stuff” as possible, without thinking much about what it means. Not to turn everyone into neo-Luddites, and understanding that especially for poor and lower middle class black folks, accumulating things you want is important; but there is a price to be paid in buying that “stuff.”

And while you are thinking about the possibility that your neighborhood might be sitting on a toxic dump (not a few communities of color are situated in them), think about how you are contributing to climate change by wanting and getting “stuff.” Or think about how your closets, attics, basements are filled with stuff you don’t use, and don’t need, and have to have transported to land fills.

Wonder why Europeans and other peoples seem happy with what they have? And we’re not, even if we get two or three of certain things. And hoard?

THIS is why.

~ by blksista on May 11, 2009.

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