Obama Backs Off Release of Torture Photos

The ACLU is declaring it a double-cross on “transparency in government.”

I think Obama got stuck on the chicken switch as Cheney has opened his big mouth on how Obama is “soft” on national security and terrorism. The reverse course gives the impression that Obama is running scared. This marks the second time he has passed off such a decision to another branch of government: prosecutions to Justice and now the photos to the Supreme Court. Cheney is recognizably a war criminal. He, his daughter, and his enabler and fellow war criminal Condoleezza Rice need to be SHUT UP. And the military needs to step down, because they were just as culpable. It’s not the Taliban they’re worried about, but how they were complicit with the Bush Administration in carrying out torture.

Furthermore, as Salon.com reported late last month, evidence of another U.S. secret torture site in Poland has been revealed. The photos under contention here are not necessarily those from rendition sites, but from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush Administration prevailed upon its less squeamish allies like Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and even “friends” like former enemy Libya in order to carry out “harsh interrogation techniques.” Yet we don’t have a final tally of how many sites there were, where they were located, and who were there, whether innocent or not. Moreover, any photographs or video of torture would probably remain with the CIA.

The release of these photographs will state once and for all what was done to the people that were wrongfully tortured under our watch. The American people need to be shown that this episode was not a rap on the knuckles with a yardstick. As Wanda Sykes said Saturday night, how in the world can these people support torture and human rights violations? We have war criminals in our midst, and they’re allowed to have a podium to justify their heinous actions? That they’re proud of what they did to “protect” the American people?

Lies, all lies. And Obama is allowing the lies to continue.

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~ by blksista on May 14, 2009.

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