So Far So Good: Swine Flu in Wisconsin as of May 15

State of Wisconsin with major cities (Courtesy: DNR)

State of Wisconsin with major cities (Courtesy: DNR)

Things have been so quiet on the flu front, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) have rescinded giving daily reports as of May 14. The counties which have the most cases of suspected swine flu are Milwaukee with 424, Dane with 49, and Waukesha with 32. All others have less than 10 cases. The total of suspected swine flu cases number 613. There have been no deaths.

Most of the stricken, 75%, have been school children under the age of 12. Only one percent have been over the age of 60. 51% of cases have been female. Says the memo:

• The DPH EOC continues to scale down the scope of operations and staff commitment. As of today, the EOC reverts to stand-by status. […] DPH Chief Medical Officers, Epidemiologists and other staff will continue their focus on the H1N1 outbreak.

The DPH EOC Call Center has been placed on stand-by status due to decreasing call load. The Bureau of Communicable Disease will respond to health care provider calls on lab test results, the lab testing process, and professional guidance.

Wisconsin is experiencing a very late spring, which no doubt has encouraged and extended the flu season. Many now have the opinion that the virus is rather mild. Continuing warm weather will lower the numbers of flu sufferers not only in Wisconsin, but all over the United States.

It doesn’t mean that people should not remain vigilant. As I suggested before, whatever people are doing right with their physical and spiritual well being, that they should continue to do so. Those who aren’t, need introduce better eating habits, exercise and methods to build up their resistance in themselves and their families. There is still the fall and winter season to face, and there’s no guarantee that swine flu will not flare up again, and this time, even more powerful than before.

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