Jesse Ventura is Not Just a Body

I saw Jesse’s shutdown of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the resident right-wing loon on The View Monday. He almost had me genuflecting to the television screen, with his points punctuated by my shouting, “Preach on!” Someone had to do it, because the Whoopster and Joy Behar can’t always confront her for fear of losing their seats at the table.

It didn’t differ from Ventura’s overnight thrash of Larry King on his show, his destruction of Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends, or his later joust with Sean “scared of doing a charity waterboarding” Hannity. Why is Ventura so visible? His book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, has gone into paperback. In it, Ventura describes a hypothetical run for the presidency that should have happened in 2008, but could be a blueprint for a future campaign. I wouldn’t vote for him, though, but the primary season certainly would be entertaining.

Jesse Ventura, however, restores my faith in populist ideals. My favorite line: “We only seem to waterboard Muslims (people of color)…have we waterboarded anyone else?”

~ by blksista on May 19, 2009.

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  1. I applaud Jesse for putting an ignorant Elisabeth in her place. She looked a bit put out! SHe will take a republican view rather than a Christian view. And another thing, would Jesus waterboard people? You stand on Christianity only when you want to make yourself appear so pure. I am angry that Elisabeth is not taken to the her real stand – good or evil? God’s princicples or those of the republicans? Please Elisabeth – GET TO KNOW THE BIBLE !


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