Jay Mohr is an A@*h#le for Dissing Michelle Obama: “She is a big, big dude…”

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So this womans a guy?  Yeah, the one on the right.  Thats what Jay Mohr says.  Consider the source (Courtesy: Be the Change)

So this woman's a guy? Yeah, the one on the right. That's what Jay Mohr says. Consider the source (Courtesy: Be the Change)

What is this, open season on Michelle Obama? Just WTF has she personally done to these people? Don’t they have anything better to do with themselves? They just run their mouths on Haterade, attacking the woman’s looks and femininity.

I’d like to talk about Kevin Garnett this guy is the Michelle Obama of the Celtics. He doesn’t really do anything but damn he looks good doesn’t he? Michelle Obama that is a big dude. When Barack plays pick up games at the White House, you know he picks Michelle as at least his forward, maybe his (inaudible) depending on who is on campus that day.

That has to be like being married to Elton Brand. She is a big, big dude. I like when she put her arm around the Queen of England and just put her in a headlock and told her I’ve been waiting 200 years just to put my arms around you lady. I love that. I love how she shaved off all her eyebrows and then drew them back way too high into an arch and then straight back down so she always looks super surprised. She kind of, Michelle Obama kind of looks like the count on Sesame Street. That great one ah ah ah, one black president ah, ah, ah. What a year.

No, he ain’t drunk.

Serves me right for laughing at someone I don’t know. Jay Mohr is someone I didn’t know that I sure do know now. Someone who contributes to Opie and Anthony‘s shows, and smackdowns on Jim Rome is someone I don’t want to know. They’re infantile slobfests for guys. Have a listen:

Wednesdays, I watch the CBS shows, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried. I think they’re great, because they’re both about fortyish, divorced people with issues–namely about their exes, and how they cope with the kids, schools, and holidays. They can’t get over them, even though they ‘hate’ them.

The last hilarious episode I watched of Gary Unmarried was when Gary and his ex-wife started to have comfortable but wild sex with each other because they couldn’t find any one new. Every time they said they wouldn’t, they did. It’s a fairly popular show, not big, but popular.

I think that’s the last episode I am going to watch of Gary Unmarried, because its star, Jay Mohr, is a @sshat for calling Michelle Obama a man on The Jim Rome Show. He needs his head soaked in a watermelon. I know many actors and comedians are not necessarily their characters, but in this case, the shoe–the ugliest and heaviest pair of Doc Martens I can think of–fits.

I know that I’ll probably wait forever for an apology from the looksist scum about his remarks regarding the First Lady, but as of now, I am not watching the show. I am not buying any more of Iman’s cosmetics either. This is my personal choice, but if you’re just as pissed, I say boycott anybody who ain’t got nothing nice to say about the First Lady. Let them feel the pain. People like Mohr and Iman make it personal because Michelle isn’t particularly f@ckable to halfwits who have a limited experience of women, or who threatens their sense of what is beautiful and what is not, as well as their pocketbooks.

There is a way to make fun of Michelle and of Obama, but the jerks are still too clueless to figure out how. Vaughn Meader couldn’t teach them anything.

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