Tiller Killer Getting His Fifteen Minutes

Abortion violence returning under another Democratic president (Courtesy: Crooks and Liars)

Abortion violence returning under another Democratic president (Courtesy: Crooks and Liars)

That’s what gets me most about Scott Roeder. The right on TV are applauding his so-called heroism and martyrdom. He’s a walking poster for extremism. This is the man whose ex-wife was too frightened to show her face on national news, and who divorced him fearing for her life and fearing his increasing fanaticism. No doubt, Roeder in handcuffs is emboldening even more haters to commit murder in the name of life. Like the ad placed in a Pennsylvania newspaper last week calling for the death of Barack Obama. (Pennsylvania, where parts of the state are almost like Mississippi circa 1950.) They’re whipping themselves up into a fervor.

Fortunately, reasonable people who are against abortion and profess to be Christians are thoroughly repelled by the murder of Dr. Tiller. And I don’t mean the fake piousness of a Randall Terry or a Bill O’Reilly, who could be said to have encouraged and sanctioned George Tiller’s assassination from his Faux Noise pulpit. As usual, Keith Olbermann’s on the scene about BillO.

Attorney General Holder sending out U.S. marshals to abortion clinics and doctors and President Obama sending a statement of revulsion and condolence is a start. It is not, however, an effective strategy for the long term. These people have been around for more nearly forty years. They believe they are on a mission. We cannot afford anymore to be reactive. We’re going to need to be proactive and on the offensive against these crimes.

What did Dr. George Tiller do? He performed late-term abortions, in which women and couples who were expecting suddenly found that their children had suffered deformities or retardation or other maladies in the womb. They simply refused to bring them to term, thus causing more pain at birth and incurring needless expense. It is not necessarily a matter of life, but quality of life.

The anti-abortion zealots don’t appear to understand this: that for the small percentage that treats abortion like birth control, there is a larger percentage that want healthy babies and wanted babies. If a farm animal, like a cow or a pig, gives birth to a deformed or diseased calf or piglet, what do you suppose the farmer does? Does he try to keep alive the two-headed calf or the pig whose spine and brain is exposed?

Leftblogosphere has been jammed with diaries from people who have experienced abortions singly or as couples or had undergone late-term abortions performed by Dr. Tiller. In almost every case, the respondents have maintained that it was not an easy decision. Those who identified themselves anonymously as Dr. Tiller’s former clients uniformly praised his compassion, protectiveness and humanity towards his patients.

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Meanwhile, police examination of suspect Scott Roeder’s car turned up the phone number of Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser Cheryl Sullenger on an envelope sitting prominently on the dashboard. Sullenger was convicted in 1988 for conspiring to blow up an abortion clinic in California, and was released after serving two years. Naturally, Sullenger denied any “recent” contact with Roeder. Yet how recent is “recent”?

Did Roeder carry out a contract killing at her and Operation Rescue’s behest? Or was he merely publicizing his movements with the woman? If I had any thing to do with it, I would be raiding the offices of Fox and Operation Rescue for evidence, and charging O’Reilly, Terry and Sullenger with conspiracy to murder. Possibly, though, this is probably what Randall Terry means in his snide, challenging remark about his worrying about Obama’s reaction to the killing–that the anti-abortion movement’s civil rights will be impinged upon.

They don’t have the right to murder with impunity. And I wholeheartedly reject their aligning black people’s fight for freedom with theirs. Some black people are so willing to jump up and down about gay rights and gay marriage and how gay aspirations are not like ours. Well, here’s something that I think they have to give a fresh look. If anything, we and our allies were the ones who were murdered in our beds and beaten until they were killed or paralyzed for life on the sidewalk for peacefully demonstrating. We did not stoop murder other people to obtain our rights. Furthermore, some of these zealots were taught at the feet of the same reactionaries and racists we were fighting in the Sixties.

I don’t care what the mainstream media concocts to try to explain it all away as coincidence. These anti-abortion zealots have appointed themselves the hands of god. They don’t ascribe pro-choice people with human attributes. They’re no different than al Qaeda or al Sadr’s Army of God. Those hands need to be disarmed before they murder yet another doctor, a bystander, a husband or relative, or a cop.

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