Welcome to This Black Sista’s Memorial Blog

Hi there.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not entered any new articles for some time.  You’re right.  I’m no longer blogging, but I am still writing.  This time, it is fiction and essays for wider and more literary publication.  It may be that in the future, I will be starting a new blog touching on my professional writing, but not now.

I hope that you will continue to use this website as a guide to explain things that happened several years ago, during the time that I was blogging.  Things like New Orleans post-Katrina, black people, culture, gossip/public intellectualism, politics, Buddhism, journalism and ethics, looksism, cooking, fiction, history, womanism, writing, race, fashion, music and other topics of interest during this rather fractious time in American life and the life of the Republic.

Other than cleaning up this site occasionally, I won’t be blogging fulltime any more.  Good luck, and happy writing and blogging your own damn self.


~ by blksista on June 6, 2009.

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