Friday Night Music – June 12: Sarah Vaughan, “Misty”

I think music on a Friday night should be mellow, therefore, I am inaugurating Friday Night Music with mellow, bluesy/jazzy listening songs and Saturday Night Music with hotter, emotional, perhaps more danceable songs. I think people get pooped on Fridays, despite what they say, from the week’s exertions, and have to save enough energy for Saturday’s rambunctiousness.

Therefore, I give you the Sassy One, the Divine One, Sarah Vaughan. This is a nearly impeccable studio original version of the Erroll Garner standard “Misty,” composed in 1954. This is not Sassy at Ronnie Scott’s later in life, when she expands the song with her famous deep chesty warble and worldly (or you could say world-weary) scat. This is when she is young in the Fifties, in 1959; young at heart as well as in voice, when Vaughan can overwhelm the wall of strings accompanying her and trying to flatten the joyous jazz of the piece. She’s not mourning her fate in this song; she’s glorying in the moment of being alive.

(I just read: she ditched had her first (thieving) husband and married again that September. She was in love. Ahhhh…)

Turn the volume up, ignore the tiny imperfections of the platter, and enjoy.

~ by blksista on June 12, 2009.

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