Saturday Night Music, June 13: Swing Out Sister, “Surrender”

Of course, I love “Breakout,” as well off their debut album, It’s Better to Travel, but that would be ignoring the rest of the gems like this one, which was expanded when IBTT was released on CD.

By the time of their second album, Swing Out Sister went from three members to two: lead singer Corrine Drewery and keyboardist Andy Connell. Martin Jackson, whose drumming powered this album, left in the middle of their second album for other places and spaces. And that’s the way it’s been ever since. They’ve changed labels at least five times; they’re not as popular as they were in the Eighties and Nineties, yet they’ve got staying power in places like Japan and the Philippines. They’ve just finished touring in Asia.

So sit back and check out the sounds.

~ by blksista on June 14, 2009.

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