Ahmadinejad Orders Investigation into Neda’s Death

(These cries, on the night of June 29, show that for Iran’s opposition, it’s not over until it is over.)

As the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei tightens his grip on Iran, ordering his Revolutionary Guards to crush dissent when and where it rose, the disputed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Monday has ordered an investigation into the shooting death of Janbakteh Neda Salehi Agha-Soltani.

[…] Ahmadinejad on Monday ordered an investigation of the killing of a young woman on the fringes of a protest. Widely circulated video footage of Neda Agha Soltan bleeding to death on a Tehran street sparked outrage worldwide over authorities’ harsh response to demonstrations.

Ahmadinejad’s Web site said Soltan was slain by “unknown agents and in a suspicious” way, convincing him that “enemies of the nation” were responsible.

The developments appear to show that Iran’s leaders are concerned about international anger over the election and opposition at home that could be sustained and widespread _ but is trying to portray the country as victimized by foreign powers.


The regime has implicated protesters and even foreign intelligence agents in Soltan’s death. But an Iranian doctor who said he tried to save her told the BBC last week she apparently was shot by a member of the volunteer Basij militia. Protesters spotted an armed member of the militia on a motorcycle, and stopped and disarmed him, Dr. Arash Hejazi said.

Basij commander Hossein Taeb on Monday alleged that armed impostors were posing as militia members, Iran’s state-run English-language satellite channel Press TV reported.

They’ve got to be kidding. Does anyone in Iran really, truly believe this? Even those who are diehard believers in Ahmadinejad? It’s going to be yet another whitewash.

This is happening amid news that Iran’s Guardian Council has once and for all rejected claims by candidate Mir Hussein Moussavi and others that the election was bogus and needs a do-over. They have essentially followed Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in saying that the vote was valid and legal after the promised partial recount yielded the same result: that Ahmadinejad was the winner.

Nico Pitney showed photos of suspicious ballots in the recount at 3:37 p.m. today:

Suspicious ballot photos posted by Iran state media? A reader writes, “I believe this is well worth reporting: many interesting photos are being put on the web as I write, a good number of them published by IRNA itself (the state media). These are images from the recent Guardians Council TV broadcast session where they ‘recounted’ some ballot boxes and found out that indeed Ahmadinejad’s votes were higher than previously counted. These pictures show two things very clearly: 1) that a whole lot of the ballots that are being recounted are fresh, crisp, unfolded sheets – which makes no sense, given that people typically had to fold these sheets before they can slip them into the ballot boxes, and 2) that the handwriting on so many of the sheets which are votes for ‘Ahmadinejad’ are the same handwriting (and very clearly so).”

Added to this is that a few Iranian employees of the British Embassy have been arrested and held on suspicion of fomenting insurrection among the populace at the behest of their meddling foreign employers. Obviously, the regime is really trying hard to establish a connection between the British in Iran and the BBC and the opposition forces. Get ready for some kangaroo court-type antics from this crew.

But that’s not as bad as reports of torture of those already arrested.

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