It Won’t Stop After the Funeral Tomorrow

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Michael Jackson’s public funeral and private burial will occur starting tomorrow morning in Los Angeles. Since the announcement of his death June 25, the media and gossip coverage has been non-stop, but it’s not going to end with the funeral tomorrow.

There is also the toxicology reports, the possible custody battle(s), and the recognition of any other wills that might turn up other than the one that was just filed in court recently. Plus, who is going to write the definitive biography that is going to eclipse J. Randy Taraborelli’s? And then, what is going to happen to the dilapidated Neverland Ranch, and those hundreds who are going to visit Michael’s grave (and the nutcases who are even now planning to try to steal the body and hold it for ransom).

There are going to be the gay lovers who might turn up and write a tome or two, and even the boys who sued him for abuse who might be tempted to write a few sentences with a ghostwriter–if the terms of the settlement in the first case doesn’t preclude such a book.

At least twelve people, perhaps a few more, have committed suicide over Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is going to be big business for quite a while, and it won’t stop with the outrageous eBay bidding for those free tickets. He’s now a commodity, not even a body or an individual. I’ve already said that what I was interested in: what killed him and who helped, and his cultural impact re sexuality and self-image. The cops have singled out at least five doctors in the Los Angeles area that they are investigating having supplied Jackson with prescriptions under his and under false names and even without a name.

Yes, I will be watching the memorial on TV, with my own thoughts and views. I just hope people will know how to act, however, I am sure some people won’t…for entertainment’s sake.

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