The McNair Affair: She Did It…and So Did He

The victims. Both of them. Victims of self-delusion.  One, about maintaining control.  The other, about love.  Sad (Courtesy: Huffington Post)

The victims. Both of them. One, about maintaining control. The other, about love. Sad (Courtesy: Huffington Post)

You know, usually, it’s the other way around. This time, though, brother man got himself a chick on the side who went psycho, betcha because he wouldn’t leave the missus and stop stringing her along. And this time, it appears the missus–Mechelle–was the very last to know, coming home from a family reunion to find herself a widow.

From HuffPo:

McNair, who led the famous Tennessee Titans’ drive that came a yard short of forcing overtime in the 2000 Super Bowl, was found dead on a sofa in the living room Saturday with multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head. His friend, Sahel Kazemi, was very close to him on the floor, killed by a single gunshot. A pistol was discovered near her, but police said it took a while to find the firearm.

Authorities didn’t immediately say who was to blame for the killings, but they weren’t looking for any suspects.

Meaning it was probably underneath her, or under the sofa. She looks either Jordanian, Iranian or Palestinian, particularly with that name. And she was a girl, just 20. He was 36, married with kids. We know everything about him, but absolutely nothing about her, except that two days ago, she was arrested for driving red-eyed drunk not far from the condo where the couple were found. I’ve got a clue why.

Before the nitwits among you say, “Hell, I’d blast her first…keep my piece ready,” or bring up that Eddie Murphy movie, think on this, playas: McNair wouldn’t be ready to push up daisies if he hadn’t been creepin’. Period. It always takes two to tango. And apparently, from most accounts at this writing, this went on for quite a while. He picked her up at a restaurant he and his family frequented, and where she was a waitress. They had an SUV, an Escalade, registered in both their names. No, I don’t think that she was just a ho. I think she believed that he would leave his wife for her. And an older man close to forty can really manipulate a young woman like this.

If you have a woman who’s even halfway good to you, stay with her. Stop trimming the verge elsewhere, or better, your d**ks had better start developing a conscience.

(BTW, Jack and Jill Politics have a discussion on the price of infidelity right now.)

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