Sahel Kazemi Thought McNair Was Cheating on Her With Another Woman Not His Wife

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Wouldn’t be the last time this has happened, but I think Sahel Kazemi became paranoid that Steve McNair might have yet another chick on the side other than her. Said the New York Times:

Police chief Ronal Serpas said at a news conference that he believed McNair was asleep on the sofa at his condominium when Kazemi fired four shots, two to his head and two to his chest. He said she then sat down next to him and killed herself with a single shot to the head. Serpas said the conclusion was based on evidence at the crime scene and forensic tests that showed all five bullets came from Kazemi’s gun and showed gunpowder residue on her hands.

Serpas said associates of Kazemi’s told investigators she was distraught in the days before her death. Kazemi apparently believed McNair was having a relationship with another woman and told a co-worker at Dave & Buster’s restaurant Friday night that she was considering suicide.

“She told friends her life was so messed up that she was going to end it all,” Serpas said.

Serpas also added that Kazemi had told friends that she had spotted McNair leaving the condo with another woman, and stalked the woman in her car until she reached her home. However, Kazemi did not confront the woman. Jeez.

Kazemi had gotten herself into a financial hole: she had to handle two car payments, and a housemate was about to move from her upmarket apartment leaving her with the rent. She was selling her furniture. No wonder she felt that she was on her last nerve with McNair, wondering when the hell he was going to leave his wife. That was the only reason why, as the Tennessean maintained, that Kazemi embarked on the relationship six months earlier. Then again, McNair may have told her something that may have been the reason why he was sleeping on the couch instead of with her that fateful night.

Kazemi’s family still don’t believe it; one other relative claimed that there was a third person involved. Sure enough, in the July 4 Nashville Post, there was this interesting piece of news early in the case.

While Metro Police has reported that details are sketchy, sources say that at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday morning, McNair was celebrating the holidays at the Blue Moon Restaurant near the John C. Tune Airport.

According to the same sources, a white woman in her early 20s, around 5-foot-4, approached McNair at the restaurant and accused him of slipping her a “roofie” a year ago.

The woman then told McNair, according to sources, that her boyfriend was going to kill him.

Roofie is a slang term for Rohypnol, a sedative dating back to the early 1970s that is used in hospitals for deep sedation, but is now a fairly infamous date-rape drug.

Apparently the cops have ruled out this story.

I feel for Mechelle McNair, who maintains that she never even met Sahel Kazemi in her life. However, I blame her late husband more.

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