Florida Man Who Threw Baby Onto Freeway Faces Death Penalty

Richard McTear faces the death penalty for murdering 3-month-old Emmanuel Wesley Murray, on May 5.

Richard McTear faces the death penalty for murdering 3-month-old Emmanuel Wesley Murray, on May 5.

I’m sure some of you remember this guy above who continually threw a 3-month-old baby boy on the floor in front of his mother, Jasmine Bedwell, and then took off and threw the child, who was not his son, onto the freeway in Florida. Richard McTear later said it was all “a dirty game” when he was arrested. Well, prosecutors are now calling for the death penalty, murder one, in his case. He’s pleaded not guilty.

The Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office will seek the death penalty for Richard McTear Jr., who is accused of tossing his ex-girlfriend’s 3-month-old son from a moving car onto Interstate 275 last month.

A woman who described herself as the 21-year-old McTear’s new girlfriend and fiancee bowed her head and cried Wednesday after a prosecutor announced the state’s intentions.

“I know he didn’t do it,” Ida Williams, 40, said afterward.

This silly woman, Ida Williams, has a record, too. She was just released from a nearly year-long stay in jail and is on probation for another year for cocaine possession and for driving with an expired license. This was her fifth prison stretch “and has a long list of aliases, including ‘Ida the Spider.'” Why she has hooked up with the likes of this character is beyond anyone’s comprehension. She wants to marry him, and doesn’t believe the charges against him. She’s gone to see him at least three times that June. Maybe she wants to be a star. A cougar she’s not.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she spoke. During the hearing, her sniffles could be heard throughout the courtroom.

She said she wishes she could trade places with McTear. Why? “For the love that we both have for each other,” she said.

“It’s outstanding.”

Yeah, right.

McTear’s defense tried to put a wrench in the proceedings by asking that a judge review all evidence and testimony before it is presented to the court and to the public because of the media attention attached to the crime. It might influence potential jurors, they said. However Hillsborough Circuit Judge Gregory Holder ruled against the motion, saying the public’s right to know would not keep McTear from having a fair trial.

McTear had been accused by other women of stalking, dragging and beating them unconscious, breaking into homes and threatening to kill a child. None of those women, including Bedwell, obtained injunctions against him.

He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and other felonies.

After his May 20 court appearance on the charges, McTear called out to Bedwell.

“I love you, Jasmine!” he said as bailiffs led him away.

Jasmine Bedwell, the mother of baby Emmanuel Wesley Murray (Courtesy: Tampa Crime Examiner.com)

Jasmine Bedwell, the mother of baby Emmanuel Wesley Murray (Courtesy: Examiner.com)

Jasmine Bedwell is still in mourning for her dead son. Contacted by a local newspaper just after the murder, she stated the following:

“I love my baby with all my heart, and Emanuel was the only thing else I had left in life,” Bedwell said in an e-mail exchange with a St. Petersburg Times reporter. “I can’t believe he’s gone.”


In Bedwell’s e-mails late Wednesday, the 17-year-old mother wrote about the pain she has endured since early Tuesday.

“I am just really hurt,” she said. “Not just bodywise, but feelings, too.”

Jasmine Bedwell had made substantial progress when she was pregnant and when little Emmanuel was born. Previously, she had had a very hard life. She got her own apartment, and had enrolled at an adult learning center. On her own initiative, she attended parent training and participated in Healthy Start. She wanted to give a good life to her baby.

Now she has reverted back to the behavior that she presented earlier: running away from home, and becoming belligerent and fighting with authority. On July 3, Jasmine Bedwell was found at the Kimmins Early Head Start Center, after fighting with and running away from her foster parents.

The report states that the detectives made contact with Jasmine in the presence of a group of witnesses. While the detective tried to speak to Jasmine and calm her down, she became increasingly belligerent and began shouting obscenities at the officer. The officer was trying to reassure her and calm her down, letting her know that he was there due to a missing person’s report that had been filed on her. Detectives say that she continued to scream and would not calm down. The officer states that she pulled away from him, to the point that the needed to force her to the ground and restrain her through the use of handcuffs. The officer placed a handcuffed Bedwell in the back of his police car while he contacted her caseworker and proper authorities to notify them that she had been located.

Jasmine Bedwell was released to her foster parents and a report was filed for resisting without violence.

Richard McTear has destroyed two lives.

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