“Good Morning, America” Interviews Joe Jackson, Michael’s Father, Monday

ABC paid Joe Jackson $200,000 for an interview?

This guy also wants a hand in raising Michael’s children, Prince Michael I, Paris-Michael Katherine, and Prince Michael II, commonly called by his nickname, Blanket. He wasn’t even named in the will. The moment that occurs, Diana Ross oughta go straight to the courts and ask for custody. Plus, the old devil wouldn’t mind them becoming entertainers either, as Blanket reportedly “really knows how to dance.” Oh hell, no. Hell, no.

This is the man who beat the hell out of Michael many times in order to get a performance out of him. This is the man who pimped his boys out in order to make money. This is the man who had women on the Jacksons’ tours, and gave women to his sons. Yes, Joe Jackson made the Jackson 5 successful, but his sons are grown men and some are still paying for that success. Please let Joe Jackson crawl back under his rock in Las Vegas with his ill-gotten gains. Being elderly doesn’t exactly make you wise.

And Katherine was there as an enabler. Everyone wants to make Katherine Jackson out as some kind of saintly individual, but Katherine Jackson enabled her no-good husband to do these things to Michael and to his brothers. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her first moves would be to turn Michael’s children into Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Joe Jackson, along with his daughter LaToya, is also publicly suggesting that Michael was murdered by his hangers-on at the behest of interests who wanted his money. Give me a break. What interests? Even LaToya refused to name who. The 2002 will filed in court by John Branca and John McClain gives 40% of his remaining fortune to his mother, 40% to the minor children, and 20% to charities and individuals. Although Katherine Jackson is not the executor of the Michael Jackson estate, she comes in for so much money, she is already planning to give some of it to Jacksons who have fallen on hard times, like Marlon, Randy, LaToya and Rebbie.

Coming on the heels of a book published this spring that claims that Jimi Hendrix was murdered by his manager, assisted by a girlfriend, and possibly a still-living singer, I think that the circumstances are vastly different. For one thing, Michael had a definite prescription drug problem. Michael was also physically ill. He could not sleep. At nearly six feet tall, he reputedly weighed only 120 pounds at death, after eating only once a day for years. It’s apparent that the man, for all his love of performance, did not want to do the 50-concert tour. He was, after all, 50 years old. He had surrounded himself with doctors, dentists (yes!), quacks, and hangers-on who were all too willing to make sure he had enough pills and drugs to pop for a nominal fee (going into the thousands of dollars per month), as well as taking care of every whim. Nobody said no to this King, except perhaps his nurse, who told him on no uncertain terms that getting Propofol for home use was like a death wish, and that if he felt bad, that he should go to the hospital.

I think Joe Jackson’s fantasy about Michael being murdered is all BS to stave off a possible declaration of suicide by the L.A. county coroner, although the possibility that Jackson may have attempted a suicide bid only to get out of the tour has passed through my mind. It also may be an opening or warning blast at the executors, since the Jacksons don’t trust them and want Branca’s and McClain’s fingers off the money.

The family also suggested that thousands of dollars of cash, jewelry and clothing owned by Michael adding up to $2 million dollars are also missing from what they moved from his rented house. However, without a full accounting of what was there already to be lifted, this claim cannot yet be substantiated. It’s true that Michael used to have garbage bags full of cash at his disposal in his home in the 1980s and 1990s, but he may have dispensed with that habit long ago. He didn’t tell everything to his family.

Servants who were at the Jackson house during his final hours also did not immediately “beat it.” To do so would invite suspicion, as with Dr. Murray (even he has not come clean with the Jacksons over what happened). If some–as yet unknown–people did leave suddenly after purportedly swiping some of MJ’s property, then they are the ones who need to be identified, found, interviewed, and perhaps arrested.

I still think that it was an accident. However, I think that the cardiologist, Dr. Conrad Murray, screwed up mightily by trying to revive him using CPR in bed. I think that Propofol/Diprivan was administered to Michael Jackson illegally at home, and that Murray or someone else he knew tried to play anesthesiologist to assuage the singer, and that it got way out of hand. TMZ.com is saying that it is only a matter of time, that Murray is not cooperating, but that the cops think that they have him dead to rights.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Well….I said MJ forgave him and tried to understand what made him what he was. I didn’t say he was a great guy.

    Here’s one of the sources:



  2. HA! Probably good advice!

    However, from MJ’s Oxford speech (which I just came across):

    “I want to stop judging him. I have started reflecting on the fact that my father grew up in the South, in a very poor family. He came of age during the Depression and his own father, who struggled to feed his children, showed little affection towards his family and raised my father and his siblings with an iron fist. Who could have imagined what it was like to grow up a poor black man in the South, robbed of dignity, bereft of hope, struggling to become a man in a world that saw my father as subordinate.

    I was the first black artist to be played on MTV and I remember how big a deal it was even then. And that was in the 80s! My father moved to Indiana and had a large family of his own, working long hours in the steel mills, work that kills the lungs and humbles the spirit, all to support his family. Is it any wonder that he found it difficult to expose his feelings? Is it any mystery that he hardened his heart, that he raised the emotional ramparts? And most of all, is it any wonder why he pushed his sons so hard to succeed as performers, so that they could be saved from what he knew to be a life of indignity and poverty?”

    Food for thought, at least


    • Umph.

      And when did Michael say these words?

      I’m watching the ABC “Jackson Family Secrets” with Joe Jackson and his hat. There were people who demur that he was anything but close to Michael, even at his end. In fact, they say that Michael didn’t want him around, didn’t want him around his children, and tried to keep him away.

      Joe Jackson was glaringly excluded from his son’s will. That states volumes enough for me.


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  4. The LAPD tentatively supports Joe’s claim in refusing to rule out murder pending the final coroner’s report.

    Still, the more I hear about Joe, the more I think I may have gone too easy on him. Trouble is, with media, you never quite know what is real and what is BS.


    • Michael himself confirmed that his father beat him many times.

      Don’t give that old alligator any slack.


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