Howard Dean Nails It About the Health Care Public Option

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I still say, Howard Dean should have been president. I think responses like these are exactly why he was dissed out of the 2004 campaign and we got that wuss, John Kerry, for a nominee. Dean would have really kicked off the traces; that’s why he was more dangerous for Dems like the Blue Dogs than for Bush Republicans. Here he is Monday night with Rachel Maddow.

Part of the transcript:

MADDOW: Let me ask you first about the premise here. My sense is that there is not a Democratic-Republican debate about how to reform health care. My sense is that it’s more like Democrats think there ought to be health care reform, and Republicans think there ought not be health care reform. Do you think that’s true?

DEAN: I think it’s even deeper than that. I do think that’s true. This is not even about Democrats versus Republicans. This is about the health insurance agency versus the American people.

Seventy-two percent of the American people want a public option. We want them to be able to make these choices. Fifty percent of Republicans – – grassroots Republicans think they ought to have a choice.

So, anybody who votes against the public option is not just voting against the Democratic bill or something like that; they’re voting for the insurance companies and against the American public. And that is going to be the cry in 2010.


DEAN: Who are you going to vote for, the people who sent you there and who pay your salary, or you’re going to vote for the health insurance industry? That’s your choice.

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