MJ Prime Suspect: Dr. Conrad Murray

From the Independent.co.uk:

Yesterday an official told the Associated Press that Jackson enlisted a number of doctors – including Dr Murray – to administer propofol via an intravenous drip. The law enforcement source added that on the day the singer died, Dr Murray gave him the drug sometime after midnight.

Officers are working on the theory that the powerful sedative caused his heart to stop, it has been suggested…

An L.A. Times blogger is insisting tonight, according to her source, that police feel that Dr. Murray is now the prime suspect in the Michael Jackson case. Not surprising to me, of course. The L.A.P.D. and the DEA along with local police surrounded Dr. Murray’s home in Las Vegas this morning and presented him with several warrants. Dr. Murray, despite initial reports to the contrary, was present while the cops went through every nook and cranny. Simultaneously, they also raided his Las Vegas offices as well.

I know these guys are trying to get their case right and tight, but they are sure sweating Murray but good. They’re going to find out about every finagling scheme he’s been a part of for the last 10 years.

This is the latest from the L.A. Times:

Authorities searching the Las Vegas home and cardiology practice of Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, were looking for medical records in the name of Michael Jackson or any of 19 aliases, according to the warrant signed by a judge.

The warrant authorized detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to seize prescriptions, files, billing information, tests results, electronic records and other material kept under pseudonyms, including Omar Arnold, Paul Farance, Bryan Singleton, Jimmy Nicholas, Blanca Nicholas, Roselyn Muhammad, Faheem Muhammad, Frank Tyson, Fernand Diaz, Peter Madonie, Josephine Baker and Kai Chase.

Also listed was the name of Jackson’s son Prince. Some aliases are names of Jackson’s employees and associates, including Michael Amir. Jackson for years frequently used the name Omar Arnold in connection with his medical care, and sources close to the investigation have said he was prescribed medication in that name close in time to his June 25th death.

Federal and state law designed to curb prescription drug abuse make it illegal to use pseudonyms on prescription pads.

The cops are also attempting to stanch the flow of leaks coming out of the L.A. Coroner’s office as well. Too many sources have exposed what the cops are up to, what they are thinking, and so forth, when they need to stay on point. An internal investigation has been called for. This is the week, they say, that the toxicology report comes out. I’m sure they’re also trying to get ready to make arrest(s) that day or this weekend.

Rupert Murdoch’s The Mirror has recreated a sequence of the events leading to Michael Jackson’s death. Sorry, I’ll give you the link so you can find out for yourself. I remember when Marilyn Monroe died, and reading the accounts from the Hearst papers at the time had me in fitful dreams for days.

It’s only a matter of time.

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