Saturday Night Music, August 1, Gladys Knight and the Pips, “Love Overboard”

Back to the Eighties!

I had their cassette, All Our Love, which turned out to be Gladys’ final production with The Pips, which appeared in 1987. I think I wore it out playing, “Love Overboard,” “All Our Love,” and “Say What You Mean.”

This was also the era when Quiet Storm came to the fore in the Bay Area, so I was definitely hearing Gladys, Sting, and Joni Mitchell on the same station, even if they weren’t being played on the Top 40 FM stations.

This one looks to me something from the early MTV awards shows, and the segment almost mirrors the original video. Gladys was just in her early forties when she and The Pips made this album, and to me, it’s just great that she and they went out on an unforgettable note.

~ by blksista on August 1, 2009.

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