Michael Jackson’s Toxicology Report Shelved Indefinitely

They definitely want to make arrests.

From Monsters & Critics:

Michael Jackson autopsy results have been delayed indefinitely.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office announced the move yesterday (30.07.09), and it has been claimed the release has been postponed while police investigate the pop icon’s death.

The Los Angeles Times newspaper reports: “Word of the delay followed a meeting between officials from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the Los Angeles Police Department and the coroner’s office to discuss progress in the case. Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office said he could not say when the cause of death would be announced.”

A law enforcement source has claimed the delay is not the result of problems with the toxicology report or questions over how the case is being handled.

Last week, TMZ was saying that the DEA and the L.A.P.D. were at loggerheads about how to conduct the swoop on current suspect Dr. Conrad Murray. The DEA wanted a simultaneous hit on both the houses and the offices; the L.A.P.D. was supposedly pissed that the Feds were taking over their case. Hence the sense of a creeping net around the embattled physician.

I can see the Feds’ point about simultaneous hits. That way, no vital evidence gets sequestered, buried, or destroyed. But the L.A.P.D. is going to have to stop being so sniffy about who’s really running the show lest they blow this case. They’re not always professionals…

On top of it all, TMZ, ET and others are now saying that Michael did not die in his own bed, but that he was moved from Conrad Murray’s bedroom and brought to his own suite.There is nothing sexual implied in this. The leaks continue from the L.A.P.D. and the coroner’s despite the “investigation” launch. Apparently Michael preferred to stay there at night for his Diprivan sleep so that he would not be disturbed.

Diane Dimond says Michael may have been dead as early as 8:30 that morning of his death:

“Insiders I’ve spoken with also say the Jackson family now realizes the awful grip drugs had on Michael’s life. They are devastated, moved to tears, over the forensics — collapsed veins, needle marks all over his body. Their beloved son and brother had, according to a close family source, ‘so many prescription drugs in his system’ … and, again, according to this source, Michael Jackson died a lot earlier than we have been told. He may have been dead as early as 8:30 a.m. … four hours before paramedics were called.

I was watching a few minutes of the many interviews Michael’s chef, Kai Chase, was giving to the press. What impressed me was her experience of the Michael she took care of before she was let go earlier this year, and the Michael she knew just before his death. She had fed him and the children natural, fresh foods, but upon her return, she found that he had lost a substantial amount of weight and that he seemed “not with it.” The reason, he claimed, were the preparations for the concerts in Britain.

“This tour was very important for him,” Chase said. “He [took] me to the side and told me, ‘You know, I really need you to make sure that I’m eating organic and healthy. I know you know what you’re doing, and I know you know what to do. That’s why you’re here. They’re killing me. They’re killing me. I’m working so much. I’m rehearsing a lot.'” Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson, has claimed that the promoters of the concert series, AEG Live, were working his son too hard and that Jackson was not well enough to perform the string of shows.

It wasn’t the preparations that was killing him, but his drug-taking which would result in him not eating well. That’s why Chase returned to his employ, because there was money from AEG–enough to get a good cook to prepare meals to build him up.

Those deathbed photos published in News of the World in Britain? Sorry, but even I have limits, and I am not going to publish it here. However, there is an article with a link here at Associated Content. The deathbed photo has been authenticated. The room had been sealed as if it was a homicide investigation, and the photo marked the first time it had been entered since Jackson was sent to the hospital.

Lastly, TMZ nailed Randy Jackson with his parents, the usually locquacious Joe Jackson and his wife Katherine as they went to a restaurant in SoCal. The reporter asked Joe whether he still felt that Michael had been murdered.

Joe was silent.

I felt sorry that the survivors couldn’t even have a bite to eat without having to comment on their son and brother’s death. Sometimes you’ve got to let it lie.

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