What the Media Didn’t Tell You About Gym Murderer Sodini

Friends, family, and onlookers drawn to the L.A. Fitness Center in suburban Pittsburgh immediately after the shootings (Courtesy: NY Daily News)

Friends, family, and onlookers drawn to the L.A. Fitness Center in suburban Pittsburgh immediately after the shootings (Courtesy: NY Daily News)

Forty-eight year old George Sodini, who shot up a suburban Pennsylvania L.A. Fitness center this week, sure wanted everyone to know what he was up to. Wisconsin is going to get another unwanted visit from the Feds soon, because it was revealed that both he and the Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho (who also couldn’t score with girls) bought guns and accessories from TGSCOM Inc. of Green Bay, WI.

TGSCOM’s president, Eric Thompson, confirmed the purchases after WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh obtained a receipt. Thompson says he is cooperating with investigators.

Sodini committed suicide after the shootings, as did Seung-Hui Cho who bought a .22-caliber handgun from TGSCOM in February 2007, two months before he killed 32 people at Virginia Tech.

An expert says that Sodini shares a chilling trait with other mass killers: the desire to make their woes understood through multiple deaths.

Yeah, the media is all too willing to broadcast what’s already known about these mass killers and haters. However, what isn’t discussed is that George Sodini was an equal opportunity hater.

Oh yeah, he hated women. He was an A-number-one misogynist. Anyone reading his blog could find that he hated and blamed blacks, too. Especially black men whom he felt were taking white women out of the running for white men. (Did you ever know any white woman in high school or college who was able to resume dating white after she went with a black man or two? White men practice exclusion among their own women as well, thinking them damaged goods, or possibly, that they unable to ‘measure up’ to the black men’s performance thereafter.) Sodini lumped his inability to find a woman with what he fantasized as an increasingly Mandingo-type set up. Check it out, misspellings and all:

November 5, 2008:

Planned to do this in the summer but figure to stick around to see the election outcome. This particular one got so much attention and I was just curious. Not like I give a flying fcuk who won, since this exit plan was already planned. Good luck to Obama! He will be successful. The liberal media LOVES him. Amerika has chosen The Black Man. Good!

In light of this I got ideas outside of Obama’s plans for the economy and such. Here it is: Every black man should get a young white girl hoe to hone up on. Kinda a reverse indentured servitude thing. Long ago, many a older white male landowner had a young Negro wench girl for his desires. Bout’ time tables are turned on that shit. Besides, dem young white hoez dig da bruthrs! LOL. More so than they dig the white dudes!

Every daddy know when he sends his little girl to college, she be bangin a bruthr real good. I saw it. “Not my little girl”, daddy says! (Yeah right!!) Black dudes have thier choice of best white hoez. You do the math, there are enough young white so all the brothers can each have one for 3 or 6 months or so.

Yeah, my mouth forgot to close when I first saw this at Jack & Jill Politics. Ultimately, though, I wasn’t that surprised. None of these guys are always fixated on hating one group; on the contrary, it starts from one group and goes on to include all others. Hitler started out hating his brutal father, his improbable ancestry, then Jews, then Gypsies, Slavic peoples, feminist women, Communists, gays, and blacks.

Sodini goes on to write that he heard on a car radio that desperation was mounting in some black communities because of the Recession, and that the host cut off the caller:

December 30, 2008:

While driving I radio surfed to a talk show. The caller was a 30ish black man who was describing the despair in certain black communities. According to him, life is cheap there because you are going to die anyway when you get old. It is the quality of life that is important, he said. If you know the past 40 years were crappy, why live another 30 crappy years then die? His point was they engage in dangerous behavior which tends to shorten the lifespans, to die now and avoid the next 30 crappy years, using my example. The host got sarcastic and ended the call instead of trying understanding his point. Agreement wasn’t necesary. I put music back on. But it was an interesting, and useful point for me to hear.

Why was it a useful point for Sodini? Because he and the caller were nihilists, people with no values or morals about anyone or anything. For them, human life has no meaning whatsoever. Neo-Nazis and racists feel the same way as well, but toward people of color and uppity women. However, they aren’t celebrating Sodini’s rampage on their websites, because it was white women–especially pregnant women–getting mowed down.

Jill Tubman at Jack & Jill Politics said this:

Sodini was a well-educated, affluent (he was a computer programmer/systems analyst at a law firm and describes his net worth as $250,000), athletic, suburb-dwelling white man who was unsuccessful with women and suffering from anxiety over the layoffs at his job. Still he had a life & a career many would envy right now. Clearly he was deeply troubled. But I’m not sure that insane really covers it this time. He knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted to kill himself and take his ex-girlfriend and a bunch of young white “bruthr”-banging “hoez” with him (in his sick mind). He wanted to make a statement, just like the 88 year old man who shot up the Holocaust Memorial Museum recently and killed a security guard while attempting to kill himself. He was aware that his ravings would be viewed by millions after his death. Let’s make sure we’re paying attention to what he said.

I urge those in the media to cover the full story here — even if it says embarrassing things about what some white people are still thinking here in America. This is the part of the dark secret lurking in surburbia/disturbia and should be the stuff of all our nightmares: the intense racial anxiety, confusion, fear and rage some whites are feeling & how they plan to express. The birthers and the tea parties are just more symptoms of it.

It’s necessary to have a full, frank dialogue so we can start to flush these disgusting, dangerous anachronistic memes out of our society. Let’s not pull punches here. Let’s go there. So we can all live and love in peace.

Let’s do it here, too.

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