Yet Another Research Study Says Educated Professional Heterosexual Black Women Remain “Manless”

(This was in response to another research study last year that stated that 70% of black women were single.)

Michelle Obama got lucky, it seems, compared to the rest of Black women. And no, I don’t mean that she’s married to Obama; it means that she is a career woman and married.

Hat tip to Jack & Jill Politics via Prometheus 6:

Fewer black women with postgraduate degrees are getting married and having children, according to research to be presented at the 104th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.

“In the past nearly four decades, black women have made great gains in higher education rates, yet these gains appear to have come increasingly at the cost of marriage and family,” said Hannah Brueckner, professor of sociology at Yale University; co-director of Yale’s Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course; and the study’s co-author. “Both white and black highly educated women have increasingly delayed childbirth and remained childless, but the increase is stronger for black women.

The study, which is the first to review longitudinal trends in marriage and family formation among highly educated black women, found that black women born after 1950 were twice as likely as white women to never have married by age 45 and twice as likely to be divorced, widowed or separated.

MSNBC has a much fuller story on this.

Most educated, heterosexual black women who have a MA/MS or Ph.D delay childbearing to marry the best men available with like degrees and like career goals. (They also have access to birth control strategies if they are sexually active.) Unfortunately, the brothers usually aren’t out there. A lot of them want to marry black men, but there is also more community pressure on them to marry black men. So sistas marry outside the race; marry African or Caribbean black men; remain alone and self-reliant; or accept bisexuality or lesbianism.

So does that mean that black women should remain illiterate to catch a man? Man, that certainly runs counter to what each generation was told since the end of slavery: that women as well as men develop themselves with intellectual as well as practical acumen. And that a uneducated woman with no sense was no asset to her man.

Okay, Pagers, I am going to leave it to you to dish this out. If you think that this study’s findings are true, let me know. If you think that this is yet another load of crapola from the powers-that-are, let me know, too. Maybe this will give some black people more of an idea about what exactly they are looking for in a woman or a man. As for me, I am one of those single women who were born right after 1950. Maybe I should consider walling myself up in the British Museum or the Schomberg Library about now…

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