The FBI Has Nearly 600 Pages on Michael Jackson

The FBI letter to Petrelis, saying that Michaels FBI file is available for $49.10, or about 10 cents a page (Courtesy: 24Bit)

The FBI letter to Petrelis, saying that Michael's FBI file is available for $49.10, or about 10 cents a page (Courtesy: 24Bit)

I’ve got more stories I am working on, but this is a shortie.

Above is the initial letter from the Feds.

From the Petrelis Files:

When I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for any records they may have in their archive on Michael Jackson, I expected the agency would reply saying they didn’t locate any such records, or that there were only a handful on pages on the late entertainer. I was wrong.

A letter from the FBI yesterday informs me they’ve located close to 600 pages on him.

More like 591.

Frankly, I am not surprised that within the last years of J. Edgar Hoover and beyond his 1973 death, the FBI would keep a file on this internationally-known and -appreciated black entertainer. Hoover was fixated on any black man (Malcolm, King, the Panthers) gaining that kind of appeal, and it seems that this predilection has been carried on within that organization. Hoover was not only motivated by his very deep-seated racism, and self-hatred and fear of his own sexuality, but because, through his father, he himself may have been part-black.

Lotsa things to hide.

That didn’t mean that the FBI didn’t spy on white rockers too, like Elvis Presley (those hips scandalized more than the city fathers looks like, but he wasn’t investigated) or the Lizard King himself, Jim Morrison, and the Doors (their filthy, filthy lyrics) and famously, John Lennon (who wanted to live here) and The Beatles. But Billie Holiday (drug charges in San Francisco), Sammy Davis, Jr. (the subject of extortion and death threats from The Mob for his interracial love affair with actress Kim Novak in the Fifties) and Marvin Gaye (possible fraud) also had files.

Longtime gay activist Michael Petrelis is a founding member of ACT-UP-New York and is based in San Francisco. In the past, he’s participated in outing closeted gays in Congress, and investigating where exactly that donated money to AIDS charities goes when the spotlight is turned off. Nowadays, he wants to restore marriage equality in California.

No doubt, Petrelis’ researching Jackson’s FBI file may also confirm, deny or render inconclusive those claims that Michael Jackson was gay. But anyone can get it if they want. Not just Petrelis.


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