Glenn Beck, Smarting from the Loss of 33 Advertisers, Attacks Color of Change Co-Founder Van Jones

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Have you ever noticed on those nature shows how a reptile, like a snake or a ‘gator, once on the offensive to score what they underestimate is some defenseless meat on the food chain, usually tries to lash out and thrash about using its fangs, mouth or tail against the victim, which can really defend itself? Even when the reptile is in its death throes?

The same is happening with Fox News reptile pundit Glenn Beck. Since late last month, when Beck, in mid-flight on Fox and Friends, insinuated that President Barack Obama hated whites and declared that he was a racist, the anti-racist organization Color of Change has been on the defensive. CoC, who I believe is the NAACP of the 21st century, sent a message to its large and varied mailing list, saying that the best way to make someone like Beck feel the pain would be to hit him deep in the wallet. In other words, CoC would target Beck’s advertisers to rescind their sponsorship of his show.

It’s worked. To date, some 33 advertisers, like Best Buy, GMAC, Clorox,, UPS Stores, Progressive and State Farm Insurances, Radio Shack, Proctor & Gamble, CVS, GEICO, ReBath, Travelocity, Men’s Warehouse and Wal-Mart have requested that Faux Fox not air their commercials during Beck’s show. Many claimed that they were unaware that they were flogging products on Glenn Beck. And Fox, it is alleged, told Beck to get out of town for an early vacation, although frankly, even Keith Olbermann and David Letterman go on vacation during August.

Now Beck is training his sights on Van Jones, the co-founder, along with James Rucker, of Color of Change. Jones has long since moved on since founding the organization in 2005, and is now one of President Obama’s advisers on the environment and small, green businesses. Beck spent a good part of his hour-long show yesterday afternoon on Jones, without mentioning that Color of Change has targeted him for his controversial remarks, comments so inflammatory that even the “Friends” seemed not to believe what they were hearing.

During his 2 p.m. PDT show, Beck did not address the boycott spearheaded by Color of Change to protest the talk show host’s remark last month that he believes President Obama is “a racist.”

Presidential adviser Van Jones, co-founder of Color of Change and of Green for All, now in Glenn Becks crosshairs (Courtesy: New Living Expo 2007)

Presidential adviser Van Jones, co-founder of Color of Change and of Green for All, now in Glenn Beck's crosshairs (Courtesy: New Living Expo 2007)

Instead, he spent a large share of his program suggesting that Jones, who co-founded Color of Change in 2005, is a radical. Jones now serves as a special advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

During a six-minute biographical profile, set to ominous music, Beck said Jones was twice arrested for political protests and has described himself as a “rowdy black nationalist.” The talk show host cast the piece as part of a broader examination of Obama’s “czars,” special advisers to the president who “don’t answer to anybody.”

“Why is it that such a committed revolutionary has made it so high into the Obama administration as one of his chief advisers?” Beck asked.

Christine Glunz, a spokeswoman for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, noted that Jones has been lauded as an environmental hero and said his entire focus is on “building clean energy incentives which create 21st-century jobs.”

“Glenn Beck is trying to change the subject,” said James Rucker, executive director of Color of Change, who noted that Jones has not been active with the group in almost two years. “The issue is his baseless fear mongering.”

Van Jones can be said to be a capitalist these days. His first book, The Green Collar Economy is the first environmental book authored by an African-American to make the New York Times‘ bestseller list. But who else would know that, outside of the alternate reality promoted by Faux Noise, that up is down and black is white.

Despite calls for Beck’s ouster, observers like Jeff Bercovici say that Glenn Beck’s show is ultimately too lucrative for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch to forego:

But the idea that Fox News chief Roger Ailes or his boss, Rupert Murdoch, knuckle under and toss Beck is the purest fantasy. Beck has been a ratings hit for Fox from day one, giving the network a big boost over its previous performance in the 5 p.m. timeslot. His antics might make some sponsors uncomfortable, but, as a Fox spokeswoman told The New York Times, those marketers haven’t actually canceled their ad buys; they’ve merely asked that their spots run during other programming –– and only until this brouhaha quiets down, most likely.

And it’s not like Fox is up against a wall, financially speaking: On News Corp.’s fiscal-year-end earnings call, CFO David DeVoe announced that the network had just achieved its highest quarterly operating profit ever.

Beck is speaking to that small percentage of wingnuttery that craves any kind of “confirmation” that Barack Obama is a racist towards whites. Such confirmation would certainly would mean that Obama disparages the very womb that brought him into this world; and even the white grandparents who raised him, and especially his grandmother, who in the last act of her life, voted for her grandson for president.

Or that Obama has carried some kind of festering animosity and resentment towards all three of these close relatives throughout his life that transfers onto whites in general. It would suggest that Barack Obama is some kind of psycho case the country has let into the Oval Office, although the truth is more likely to lie with George Walker Bush than with his successor.

Me, I am a proponent of a mixed economy, that is, whatever works best to achieve a particular means or products without harming people (economically, spiritually, health-wise) and the environment in the long and short run. Such as true people’s control of natural resources, know what I mean? However, I think it’s time CoC ratcheted up the pressure and confounded the naysayers, don’t you think? It only takes someone thrashing around with Glenn Beck’s level of idiocy to help it along.

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  1. I watched the glenn beck show last week. It was pretty wild, but what’s is most scary is Obama isn’t showing with facts that what he(GB) is saying isn’t true. I’ve recently been reading our founding fathers and Marx. The relationships in this administration clearly shadows Marx. No thanks, I’m out. I’ll choose Ben Franklin any day.


  2. Great post! Bill O’Reily has been at this tactic for years (see Pepsi and Ludacris). Glad someone is willing to call Beck on this foolish and dangerous rhetoric.


  3. All I can say is THANK GOD for Color of Change! I do hope they are the NAACP of the 21st Century and that they do the same for Sean Hannity (go after the sponsors); because he just sits there while guests call Obama a Nazi!

    It’s outrageous that opinion journalism of this type is popular and that there are that many crazy right-wingers! It all makes me feel like I did when Reagan was president: sick to my stomach.


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