Sista Maxine Waters Asks Repug Health Care Panelists “Where is YOUR Bill?”

Preach, girl. Take a look at how Pence stares at Maxine Waters. As if he is thinking, b*tch, how effing dare you expose what we’re doing. He made Robert “Viagra” Dole look like a saint, because in his younger days, Dole was the nastiest vice-presidential candidate ever, in my view. Worse than disgraced nattering nabob Spiro “Greek Junta-Lover” Agnew.

If Obama sells us out over the public option, just like he allowed Van Jones, a really good guy promoting green politics and local green businesses, to be blasted out of office by the likes of a mere worm like Glenn Beck, then it’s over as far as I am concerned. I’ll be officially over Barack Obama.

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama to roll over before the enemies of black people and of poor people all over the country. Any weakness they can find in Obama, the Republicans will exploit. Period. Wavering, kissing up, or acting above it all becomes cowardice in a very short while.

He’d better step up.

~ by blksista on September 6, 2009.

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