LaToya Jackson on “20/20” with Barbara Walters: Seeing is Not Believing

LaToya Jackson with Barbara Walters: she may not have taken money for this interview, but she sure is appearing on The View (Courtesy: FromInsideTheBox)

LaToya Jackson with Barbara Walters: she may not have taken money for this interview, but she sure is appearing on The View (Courtesy: FromInsideTheBox)

Okay, I’ve seen the interview on YouTube, but I’m not going to dignify this mess of an interview by putting on the blog. What is truly dismaying is that a couple of polls I’ve seen on more mainstream black blogs insist that LaToya is right, that there was a conspiracy to murder Michael Jackson. I still think black folks have more sense, but this is some preposterous shyt.

Her Las Vegas condo is in foreclosure; she’s just released a new, moderately received album and a song in Michael’s memory; and Jermaine’s latest promoting scheme, a concert in Michael’s memory at Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace (where Marie Antoinette was born), crashed and burned when none of the people he touted were able to come. It’s been moved to London and postponed to 2010, if it happens at all. The Jacksons are trying to do what they always have done: make money off their more famous and more rich late brother.

Time and again, though, Barbara Walters tried to make LaToya see reason. She asked LaToya about who specifically wanted to get at Michael’s money. Again, LaToya named no names, only mentioning “the people” around Michael. Walters told her point blank that Michael Jackson had been a drug addict. LaToya said that these mysterious, shadowy people had gotten Michael addicted. Most tellingly, Walters remarked that Michael Jackson had been–what Cedric the Entertainer was fond of saying at one time–a grown (ass) man. She asked LaToya whether Michael Jackson could be blamed for his own actions and decisions at all. LaToya kept on the same tack, raising her voice several times to Walters as if impatient and irritated that Walters wouldn’t take her charges at face value.

I was shaking my head when LaToya called Michael “god-like.” That relegated her, in my eyes, to the status of a fan, not of a grieving sister. But what truly interested me was the exchange about the telephone conversations Diana Ross had with Katherine Jackson after Michael’s death, and when the terms of the will was disclosed. Pointedly, the will named Katherine as guardian of the children; however, if she was incapacitated, his children were to be raised by Ross.

LaToya’s body language, as well as her guarded remarks about that issue made it clear to me that Katherine wasn’t going to let Diana have the children, not without a fight. Jealous Katherine was probably getting hers back for Michael’s very close friendship with the singer, which began when the Jackson clan moved to Southern California, and Michael was temporarily placed in Ross’ care. Currently, her Witness daughter Rebbie is taking care of Prince, Paris and Blanket on a daily basis, and from some reports, the rest of the siblings aren’t pleased about the kids being raised with the Witnesses, having had their own experiences with the faith.

I’ve also been trying to recapture an article that I saw in a British tabloid about another Jackson sibling, a daughter apparently fathered by Joe Jackson, born after a Jackson tour to Britain in the Seventies. Apparently, the woman, who is now a mother herself, wanted to see her half-brother buried, as Michael had been aware of her existence and had visited her over the years. But the paper reported that Katherine, jealous and angered over her husband’s philandering and that he had supported this daughter, ordered the woman away from attending the memorial service and funeral.

That young woman wasn’t responsible for her being brought into the world. Joe Jackson and the woman’s mother were. If this story is true, that Jackson sibling should have been allowed to say goodbye to him, for any kindness he had expressed to her, like the purported MJ son, Omer. At the same time, Katherine has always been angered and jealous of Diana Ross’ hold on her son, even J. Randy Taraborrelli has said this. Especially that Michael had loved Ross from an early age, and that in death, he would entrust his own children to her, rather than to his own adult brothers and sisters. Having had the kind of childhood he had undergone, Ross must have been a kind of fairy godmother to him, an oasis in the tumult; someone who appreciated him just as he was.

Anger, jealousy, and grudge-holding. If Michael Jackson was a god, his godhood is certainly created from some really base materials.

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4 Responses to “LaToya Jackson on “20/20” with Barbara Walters: Seeing is Not Believing”

  1. Black Sista,

    I do not know where the childen will end up should anything happen to Katherine. It’s my understanding that the kids really want to live with their Aunt Janet. I think she would be a great choice! The oldest two are nearly of age and can decide where they want to stay. Naturally, Blanket would go as well. I think Diana Ross was a surprising but good choice that Michael made. However, according to CA law, immediate family would have the first consideration. I think that Rebbie would probably be the next logical choice, then Janet. As far as the brothers, maybe Tito or Randy.


  2. Black Sista,

    Although I agree with you on some of your opinion. Other’s I do not. I think LaToya is a screwball and she as well as her brothers was jealous of MJs success. Do I believe Michael was a drug addict? Yes. But I do not know the nature of his addiction or for how long. That will be brought out over the next several months. Do I believe that his life was taken at the hands of others. Yes and no. I believe he was partly responsble for his addiction. But I do also blame the doctors and others who supplied him as well. People like to say if he didn’t get it from “A” he would get it from “Z”. That’s typical. We won’t be able to fight the drug problems in this country unless we get to the root cause. Michael was a brilliant and beautiful man. He also had a lot of deep and painful issues he was unable to overcome. Some of those who were around him over the last half of his life, helped him contribute to his self-destruction. It’s sad. I believe this was a good and kind-hearted man who lost his way like so many others. What I hope will happen is those responsible will eventually be brought to justice. I hope that we can all learn from his mistakes and try to help those we see going down this path find the help they need. Michael was failed by so many. But the positive side of his legacy will outlive any negatives.


  3. Jerilyn,

    Michael did nothing to sabotage Jermaine’s career whatsoever. He was the one who decided to stay at Motown when he should have gone with his brothers to CBS records. He had a moderately successful career in the late 70s and early 80s. However, it was Jermaine’s personal antics that turned the public off. Jermaine is a cheater and a a liar! What else do you call a man who cheats on his wife and father’s a child, then steals his brother’s fiancee and fathers children? He’s always been jealous of Michael just as he is today. The Jackson family and the public should stop blaming Michael for their failed careers. They had ample opportunities for success. Look at Janet and she’s the baby.


  4. I know you worshipped the guy but this is the same guy who sabotaged Jermaine’s carrer. In the wrestling world. folks who keep repeating a non fact are called marks. The MJ fans are the biggest marks to date!


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