Cracker Barrel Racist’s Cousin Says West was ‘Provoked’

Hat tip to Pam’s House Blend and Jesus’ General.

Get this. A guy claiming to be assailant Troy Dale West’s cousin got on CNN with Rick Sanchez yesterday saying that in order for West to have gone ballistic on Army reservist Tasha Hill, he had to have been ‘provoked.’ Check out this transcript:

I want you to take a look at this guy right here. Go ahead and put him up, Rog. There he is. That’s Troy West. He’s accused of beating and screaming racial slurs at a woman, a mom, when she asked him to be careful when he pushed the door and almost hit her child, her daughter, her 7-year-old.

This was at a Cracker Barrel restaurant just outside of Atlanta. Well, reporters have been flocking to West’s hometown in southern Georgia talking to the locals there. And you’re not going to believe what one man who says that he’s West’s cousin had to say.

This is going to startle you somewhat, take you back. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you asked me why he hit the woman, if you ask me, he was provoked. That’s my — I think he was. Now, it might not come out that way, but I have never known Troy to hit anybody.

QUESTION: But does that make it OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That’s everybody’s own deal on that. I mean, I don’t know what she done, but if a woman puts herself in a man’s shoes, sometimes, I would say yes.


So, not only is Troy Dale West racist, but misogynist and homophobic, too. A black woman has no business saying that she’s a United States soldier who fights for her country. A black woman deserves a beatdown because she dared “to put her feet in a man’s shoes,” in effect, “acting like a man.” Women acting like men–any woman acting like a man–seems to deserve what they get around Poulan and the West family.

Or perhaps this is yet another canard straight from slavery: black women (who have worked in the fields and put in enough work for a grown man) act too mannish to be feminine, or like a real woman, so they deserve a beatdown.

Worse yet, Tasha Hill and her daughter have no rights at all to common courtesy and respect that all Americans take for granted each day. Like holding doors open for people, or helping the elderly or sickly cross the street, or in an emergency, call for the cops if an elderly person has sustained a fall out of doors. I’ve certainly done it for total strangers, and will do so again.

What makes me still shake my head in horror is that no one came to Tasha Hill’s aid before the manager came over. No one. The Morrow Police Department gave him a slap on the wrist and let him go. This is just how far America has sunk.

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  1. Southern Girl…u made a very good point! Wish some people out there would realize these things! We can’t let anyone run him into the ground and treat him like an animal….he was the victim here!


  2. I am from Poulan, actually grew up across the street grom Troy west Jr., and I can tell you that he was not raised that way, his mother is one of the best christian ladies I have ever met! I was not at the cracker barrell the night of the accident and neither were most people that have such a strong opinion to hang him from the highest tree! I believe if some one spit in my face then, told me that the were in the U.S. Army and that they were trained to kill me in a matter of seconds, I don’t think any of us know what we would do! I can only imagine the rage that would go through anyone no matter what color you are! I am not saying that it makes it right , but ask yourself if the man was black and the woman was white would this be in the media like it is! You probably would have never herd anything about this unless you lived in the town that it took place! I am not racist against color, but I am against people that are sorry and expect handouts, because of things that happened in history, that nobody today is responsible for or suffered for!I know and have very good friends that are black and they do not make everything about race or color, when things do not go there way! When are white people of today going to not be blamed! I find now there are more african americans that are racist , why don’t the same rules apply! I think everyone needs to let our justice system handle this matter and not convict this man before he is given a fair trial and all of the facts are presented!


  3. I really dont believe that any of this has anything to do with slavery. Troy West sounds like a jackass with a bad temper, and probably would have beat up a white woman if she had dared to make a comment to him. He deserves prison time for this incident. On the other hand I do believe that Ms. Hill could have handled this with a lawyer that is not part of the NAACP. I just lost a little bit of respect for her for turning to them. Im surprised the reverand Jesse didnt show up at Cracker Barrel for a big news conference so he could get his face on t.v. again. As far as im concerned the NAACP does a good job of making African Americans look like uneducated fools that never know any better because their great-great-great grandparents were slaves. I will never understand why African American people are o.k. with this. Ms. Hill sounds like an educated woman that could have held her own on this matter. the NAACP will only manage to make her look like a poor little, slow minded, black woman who doesnt really understand what just happened to her. That would be an insult to me!!! Leave it to AL and Jesse!!!


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