Saturday Night Music, September 26, The Dudley Moore Trio, “Lillian Lust” from the “Bedazzled” Film Score, 1967

It’s hard to find a copy in the United States of the original Bedazzled film score, the one that Dudley Moore composed, without paying an arm and a leg. I had to find mine new overseas for about $40–a Christmas present to me. Tonight I saw on that a used album costs $500. It can be downloaded on mp3, but I don’t have one of those. I still like something that I can hold in my hands, like a DVD or a CD.

People forget, or don’t know, that “cuddly” Dudley was a composer and a musician who occasionally recorded his favorite classics (some for parody) or jazz pieces. He wasn’t just an actor. Only 5’2″ and with a club foot, Moore was treated badly and mercilessly by schoolmates and strangers, and at home, was virtually unloved by his parents. He took refuge in music, starting out in choir, and then graduating to violin, piano and organ. For his efforts, he received a music scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he majored in music and composition, and later performed in comedy revues and jazz concerts which gave him his start in entertainment. His jazz influences turned out to be Erroll Garner of “Misty” fame, and Oscar Peterson. Between films and other projects, he continued to record, collaborating with the likes of Sir George Solti and Michael Tilson-Thomas on the classical side, and producing at least sixteen jazz albums, until the late Nineties.

The “Lillian Lust” theme was for Moore’s scenes with then-sex goddess Raquel Welch, who plays, of course, the personification of lust. She serves Dudley’s character, Stanley Moon, breakfast in bed in the bed. All the seven deadly sins are depicted in the film (including the future Dame Edna Everage), but of course, her scenes got the most interest. Peter Cook’s rendition of the main theme as the self-absorbed Drimble Wedge is always hilarious. At one point, it helped me get over a bad relationship.

This is Moore at the height of his first fame; Blake Edwards’ 10 was his second wind. It was, unfortunately, the height of the Dudley Moore-Peter Cook collaboration. Moore went onward and upward, but Cook’s accomplishments never equalled that of his former partner. He became an alcoholic, later drinking himself to death after the passing of his mother in 1995. Dudley Moore died in late March 2002, from the effects of progressive supranuclear palsy. Its early symptoms in human beings mimic drunkenness; I hate to think that when I saw him in the Arthur films, he may not have been acting at all.

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  1. Very nice post. Aside from the last sentence, though. He didn’t start having symptoms until long after Arthur (started with one of his fingers not playing the notes correctly while he was on tour in the 90’s).


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