Update: Troy Dale West Indicted for Beating Tasha Hill

People were not going to stand for this. By Wednesday, Troy West was back in jail. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Troy Dale West Jr., 47, was indicted Wednesday on charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, first degree cruelty to children, two counts of battery and two counts of disorderly conduct, Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said.

Clayton County Superior Court Judge Geronda V. Carter issued a warrant for West Wednesday morning and then denied him bond.


About 150 people, including NAACP members and other civil rights activists, rallied at the courthouse Wednesday, urging the judge to deny bond for West.

Earlier this month, a Magistrate Court judge dismissed the only felony charge West faced and released him from jail.

That’s when Lawson stepped in and launched an investigation into the crime, saying that it appeared to be more severe.

“Based upon a review of witness statements and the video, an indictment was presented to the grand jury and they rendered a true bill,” Lawson said Wednesday.

The result means if convicted, West could face a decade in prison.

And a conviction could be a relief not only for Tasha Hill and her daughter, but for West’s wife. I note she hasn’t said word one in defense of her husband. Like Pam over at Pam’s House Blend said, West is not only a racist, he’s a woman beater.

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~ by blksista on September 26, 2009.

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