Please Help Derrion Albert’s Family Cover His Burial Expenses

First, some updates on the case. There are still three young men on the lam who are being sought in the beating murder of Derrion Albert. A $6,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of the suspects.

But even as 17-year-old Eugene Bailey was ordered held without bail Tuesday, police Supt. Jody Weis pleaded for the public’s help in identifying three more people seen in an amateur video that has shocked viewers around the globe.

“Almost all of the offenders in this case were students, or were former students from [Fenger],” Weis told reporters at police headquarters Tuesday. “You kids know who they are. Please call in. You’ve got three people who probably need to be arrested because they had contact and struck Derrion.”

Weis said his department is seeking help from the U.S. Secret Service to “enhance” the video to better identify faces.

Why not the FBI? I’m wondering what this really means. They must have the same kinds of equipment and technology. Is this an appeal to Obama himself? At face value, though, if the Secret Service can indeed enhance the video, these young men will be identified. Their families and friends are going to have to give them up.

This is where the “no snitching” rule has got to be broken. The gangs have got to be broken. Otherwise, there is going to be yet another heinous act of senseless school violence, and it could be young people who knew who were involved in Derrion’s death.

Second, some news outlets are speculating that the Derrion Albert beating death video is going to harm the Obamas and Oprah’s efforts to win over the Olympic Committee in Denmark to choose Chicago as the site for the 2016 Olympics. Possibly, but this kind of thing has been going on for quite a long time, seemingly without end. If they are “top of the heap,” and are as socially conscious as they say they are, they should have been helping law enforcement, social services, and educators and politicians to clean up this mess. It shouldn’t have gotten as bad as it has, but it’s been thought of as being near “impossible” a situation to solve. For instance, where are the academies that Oprah could have set up in Chicago? Like I said yesterday, clean up the mess in our own backyard, and all other goals will follow. I don’t think that this horrible episode is mere coincidence. It’s the Universe talking. People will ignore it at their peril.

Lastly, Nas and now Bow Wow have ponied up with commentary on Derrion’s death. Nas’ open letter was greeted by derision by some for addressing gangbangers as “warriors”; the young men are viewed more as troublemakers than warriors. I think Bow Wow, however, said it better:

[…] I just wanna say y’all, as young people, it’s time for us to step up and take on responsibility. It’s time for us to understand our role in life and understand that we are the next generation…We gotta stop this violence. We gotta stop the killing and killing one another…It’s not just this situation, it’s going on all around the world in every neighborhood, in your neighborhood…I’m doing my part, so you gotta do yours. And I encourage all my hip-hop peers and young hip-hop peers to take the stand too, and that’s what I’m doing.”

From Global Grind’s political editor Michael Skolnik:

I just spoke with Derrion’s grandfather and they have set up a fund to help cover the very costly funeral expenses. PLEASE give whatever you can. No amount is too small.

Via Paypal (Send Money)


Via Mail:

Derrion Albert Memorial Fund
10126 S. Aberdeen Street
Chicago, IL 60643

After the incredible show of support to Derrion and his family by the Global Grind Community, we wanted to make sure that we offered our assistance, in any way possible, to the family. I just got off the phone with Derrion’s mother and grandfather, who were very appreciative of the love and prayers that you all have been sending and wanted to share with you some thoughts. Ms. Anjanette Albert told me:

“Our main priority is putting that baby to rest. We will let the police do their job. We are not violent people.”

I was moved to tears by the strength of her words, and she then asked Derrion’s grandfather, Mr. Norman Golliday to speak with me.

“The violence has to stop. It is not unique or isolated to any particular community or city. The violence by young people has become syphilitic. It is because of their lack of knowledge. We know that violence is not the answer.”

The family asked that we share with you the details for the FUNERAL:

Saturday, October 3rd at 10AM
Greater Mt. Hebron Baptist Church
8000 S. Woods Street
Chicago, IL 60620


Let us continue to share this story with the world, as we will remember Derrion Albert as a <young man with great promise who left us all far too soon.

Please help provide Derrion’s family with the wherewithal to bury him with respect, honor, and love.

And please attend the funeral, if only to bear witness even outside of the church.

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