Mitrice Richardson: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Mitrice Richardson in happier times.  The Los Angeles County Supervisors are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts (Courtesy: KTLA)

Mitrice Richardson in happier times. The Los Angeles County Supervisors are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts (Courtesy: KTLA)

A bit more about Mitrice herself:

Richardson graduated from California State University Fullerton this year with a 4.0 grade point average. Bilingual and a volunteer with several nonprofit organizations, Richardson was also pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology.


Richardson is a 5-foot-5, 125-pound African American with hazel brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a brown Bob Marley teeshirt and blue jeans. She has tattoos on her lower abdomen and behind her neck. Anyone with information about her whereabouts should contact Detective Kristin Merrill with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit at (213) 485-5381, Latice Sutton at (909) 282-9134 or her father, Michael Richardson at (310) 283-4717.

Richardson’s family has obtained the services of civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, who is alleging that Mitrice Richardson of Los Angeles is “lost at the hands of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station.” Sounds like a lawsuit is in the works.

“All the family wants is their daughter back,” Terrell said. “If filing a lawsuit will help bring her back, I’ll do that.”

If Mitrice Richardson was indeed having a mental crisis, her next trip should have been to L.A. County mental health facilities if not the drunk tank at the County Sheriff’s station for observation. Saying that she did not appear to be exhibiting “[…] signs of mental illness or intoxication,” is frankly, a piss-poor excuse. Unresponsiveness or too careful, slow responses can be considered impairment.

I had an accident in July, and the Madison paramedics kept saying that they didn’t believe I was injured or experiencing pain when I was. I had a mild concussion: I reported that I had nearly blacked out. Oh, sure. I thought that they were insensitive (and possibly racist) oafs, even when they brought me to the hospital, when they loudly informed the doctors at emergency that I had not been drinking. Unless I was bleeding and my wounds were open, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

However, indicating that Mitrice was “escorted” out seems like she was dumped out of the station, despite the owner of the Geoffrey restaurant telling them that the young woman was indeed impaired and “disoriented.”

And the deputies’ report on Richardson cannot be trusted, because even in criminal cases, they can be concocted to support the deputies’ interpretation of the chain of events.

Attorney Leo Terrell, center, accuses L.A. sheriffs deputies of making a “series of errors” in handling the Mitrice Richardson case, and is threatening suit on behalf of her family (Courtesy: The Acorn)

Attorney Leo Terrell, center, accuses L.A. sheriff's deputies of making a “series of errors” in the Mitrice Richardson case, and is threatening suit on behalf of her family (Courtesy: The Acorn)

Some idiots are saying that the deputies and the cops can’t win for losing, that this latest incident involving law enforcement and blacks is not racism, but simply the guys doing their duty. Um…no. I don’t buy that at all. They simply did not give a good goddamn. All that pious insistence coming from the sheriff’s spokespeople that she was an adult really means, the girl deserves whatever she gets for whatever was wrong with her, and we’re not responsible for that.

I wish I knew who was on duty at that station on that night. Because this kind of rank insensitivity points to people who might have reprimands in their work records on other issues.

For one thing, the deputies gave too many conflicting reports to the family and to the media. First, they tell the father that she would be released in the morning, which meant to the parents sun up, when the deputies had gotten her out at 1:00 a.m. Her mother calls the station at 4:30 a.m. and finds that the deputies had released her hours before. Plus, Mitrice had tried to call someone from the station twice before her release, but they haven’t investigated and traced those calls. What in hell?

Mitrice supposedly signed release papers? Show and compare the signature to her everyday, coherent signature. No, the deputies’ actions on that fateful night do not add up. Something is wrong here. Very wrong.

Either there is a body out there, or someone has grabbed the young woman and may have done her. No way could she live out in the open that long. It would take a miracle if she’s found alive and well.

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  1. I have not forgotten about Mitrice. Everytime I hear about the police going above and beyond for “other people” my heart breaks all over agin for Mitrice and her parents. I hope Leo and others are obtaining the phone records for the sheriffs office that night and are keeping an eye on the people who were working when Mitrice was brought in. I can’t shake the feeling that an Officer is behind her disappearance. I hope I’m wrong but I will continue to pray for her and her family daily. Thank you for the post. May God Bless You.


  2. But I see you changed it all though!!! 😉


  3. her mother did not drive up to the station @ 2…..and the father never called to be told that 4:30 time…..just to clear that up….and where did u hear Mitrice called the station twice??? Thats not true either…..

    Some of this story is wrong…just to let u know….


    • Follow the link above about the story that Mitrice had called from the station.

      I still say that there are conflicting stories being told, and they are not being concocted by me. Just to let YOU know.


      • Im not saying that u are concocting them..Im just letting you know they are putting wrong info out there and u are contributing to it!!! Just letting YOU know that…..

        I see you had to emphasize the YOU as if to suggest u were proving something right when all I did was inform you on the incorrect facts being posted….WOW!!!

        Keep on keepin on then…lol


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  5. Thank you for posting this! Many people are simply going by the police’s word and giving them the automatic benefit of the doubt. They are humans just like anyone else, just because they have a gun and badge doesn’t mean they are God. Honestly I don’t even think she ever left the police station, foul play was involved by one of the deputies and they made up this story about releasing her to cover themselves.


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