Anjanette Albert Speaks

(If you would like to cut to the chase to see Derrion’s mother, start the video at 2:44.)

There are few, if any, words.

No mother should have to bury her son, as I read from a disgusted brother, over some “foolishness.”

I also read how Anjanette and the family had struggled to buy Derrion a computer to use at home, to help him in his studies. I know how important that was.

It was like my stepfather buying me a fenced typewriter in the early Seventies; the Jewish family with a rag and bone business who presented their ward, street orphan Louis Armstrong, with his first horn; my teacher Mrs. Jackson sternly admonishing my family to never let that girl out of your sight without her having a book; Mary Kate Waymon, a Methodist minister–and maid for the white folks–bringing her three-year-old daughter Eunice (not yet Nina Simone) to piano lessons and to the attention of those same white folks who later got up the money for even more lessons to develop that talent; and my parsimonious great-uncle shocking my mother several weeks before his death with his mailing me–out of the blue–a pair of shoes.

All of this means, we love you like nobody else does–or ever will. Go out and do good with what you have, and make us proud.

If anything, Derrion would have made his family proud. I do believe that. But now, he is gone.

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  1. Derrion was the sacrificial lamb who needed to be bloodied for the country to see that something must be done to stop the senseless violence against our children. How long has the violence continued in Chicago? We the people, needed a horrific death, like what happened to Derrion, to be “in our face” before realizing this is of all our making, and all of us, together can, stop it. Unfortunately, it took the death of a good kid, to get our attention! We need to support the family and the community where Derrion lived to make it safe for all.


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