L.A. County Sheriff, L.A. Cops Believe Mitrice Richardson is “Out There” and “Alive”

A MySpace photograph of Mitrice Richardson (Courtesy: CBS)

A "MySpace" photograph of Mitrice Richardson (Courtesy: CBS)

From the L.A. Times:

“Mitrice is out there,” LAPD robbery-homicide Det. Chuck Knolls said. “We don’t believe she’s a victim of foul play.”

But her whereabouts still bedevil Knolls and fellow detective Steven Eguchi. Both men are working the case full-time, and had past assistance from 12 other detectives.

They get this from the fact that there has been no activity in her bank account and with her credit cards, a sure sign that someone, some stranger, stole from her, and may be a perp of much worse. They claim that if she had died or were lying injured in Malibu Canyon, she would have been found by now. The scent dogs and helicopters have been used to no avail.

Um, not necessarily.

“There’s no indication of murder whatsoever,” the detective said. “We don’t think there’s a drug or alcohol issue involved. She didn’t live a risky behavior life.” Nor does she seem to have ties to gangs or criminals, according to Knolls.


This is what her parents and friends have been saying since jump.

However, this could be a clue to the girl’s inner life:

Ronda Hampton, a psychologist for whom Richardson worked as a research intern during her last year of college, said she has stayed in touch with Richardson since her graduation.

“There were times when I’ve known her when she didn’t seem OK, and we talked about that,” Hampton said. She points to the incomprehensible phrase, ‘my eyes over ees,’ on Richardson’s MySpace page. “I said, ‘What does that mean?’ ” recalled Hampton. “And she said, ‘Dr. Ronda, you just don’t understand me!’ “

Mitrice may indeed have been suffering a mental crisis, and that night, it just came to a head.

However, her great-grandmother, Mildred Harris, interviewed on Friday, says otherwise, going against the opinions of her grandchildren.

“I just don’t know where she is,” Richardson’s great-grandmother Mildred Harris told Crimesider in a Friday phone interview. “I love her so much.”


“The reports being made about my granddaughter are completely out of character,” she said through tears. “She is not mentally disturbed.”

Something just occurred to me. Barring the possibility of cop misbehavior or misadventure in the wilderness, could it be that someone may have followed the cops and Mitrice from the restaurant, knowing she was having an episode, and waited outside for her?

No, it couldn’t be. Perhaps I have been watching too much TV as well.

The police have sent word to shelters all over the county and in Ventura and Orange Counties, asking if Mitrice or a woman answering to her description has been seen. Naturally, there have been “sightings” from people trying to help. A half-burned body of a woman found in a dumpster in Santa Fe Springs was not Mitrice Richardson’s body. A disoriented black woman answering to her description was interviewed in Santa Monica and was not found to be the missing woman. One witness said that a woman who appeared to be Mitrice had boarded a Greyhound bus going to San Jose, California, prompting police bulletins and news articles in Santa Clara County.

The Orange County Register is reporting that the family and friends of Mitrice Richardson are holding a rally in front of the Malibu Lost Hills-Agoura substation on Saturday October 11 at 10 a.m.

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  1. I hate reading stuff like this. I wish Matrice well, nothing but the best. God bless.


  2. Federal Investigation Requested In Mitrice Richardson’s Disappearance From Lost Hills, Ca. Jail
    Please sign change.org letter/petition and circulate
    Tiny URL is below:


  3. I have to wonder if this theory that she is a hapless homeless wandered has any credibility. She has been missing for almost 3 weeks with no money, transportation, and has not contacted anyone she knows. This suggests foul play at the hands of someone. I have to wonder if the investigators are simply trying to create doubt about her disappearance to sway public sentiment and to shield the parties responsible for her disappearance- the LA Sheriff’s Department. I, for one, think that this new theory is unfounded under the circumstrances. There is no evidence that she is “out there” willingly.


    • I think you are right. Homeless aren’t all schizophrenic, or on drugs, and many have sense enough to know something is up with someone new in their ranks and occasionally hook up with the real world and have connections with cops. She would have been smoked out long before this time.

      No, I think the girl is either in the wilderness dead or dying or someone has grabbed her. I think the cops are really being pressed hard over this monumental fck-up. As well as they should be.


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