Saturday Night Music, October 10: Average White Band Live @ The House of Blues, “School Boy Crush,” 2008

Sometimes, I just wish people could spell. See immediately below. Anyway…

The ultimate in white soul and funk. That bass is kicking on this cut from Cut The Cake, the third album by AWB, which was released on Atlantic in 1975.

But we’re all older now, and the phrasing of Alan Gorrie and Klyde Jones (who took Hamish Stuart’s place), the lead singers, may not be as good here as on the original recording. I decided to choose sound clarity here on the live video than on the original recording which is on YouTube. Compare when you can.

The best part is when Gorrie and Jones sing repeatedly near the end of this song: only a schoolboy crush, with someone whistling “Ring Around the Rosie,” and saying the alphabet and primary numbers. On one live performance, they were just jamming, dragging it out, only a schoolbooooooy….crush as if they were begging. And when a man begs, especially on a song, it just moves a woman to commit a sort of velvet cruelty. Well, it does move this woman, at least.

As far as I can interpret the lyrics, here is what it all means. A young man reminisces about being with his first girl, and all it took to get together with her. He is trying to entice her to take off with him in secret, like during lunch time or recess. He’s telling her how to fake everyone out, even the teacher. That’s part of the seduction–for them both.

Whenever I try to think of what it feels like to feel it
For the first time, and was it really such a thrill

When they’re finally alone:

She said hey – wait a minute – hold on
She said hey – just a little bit – hold on
Look, boy – but don’t you touch

He tells her and us: that ain’t much It’s a triple meaning: he’s telling her he hasn’t done anything yet, or she hasn’t given him much (something forbidden to look at, like a breast), and he’s also summoning up bravado that it wasn’t all that special.

But it is. She didn’t give him much because it’s only a “school boy crush,” he still thinks about the experience, if not her.


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