Mitrice Richardson’s Father Accused of Threatening Malibu Mayor

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Mitrice Richardson has been missing for a month and a few days. The investigation has stalled, the leads have grown cold, although a recent report by the Surfside News has sightings in the Venice and in the Santa Monica areas. If the girl managed to wander all the way to Santa Monica–which I doubt; I think that she’s in a canyon somewhere–Mitrice may also be suffering from a form of amnesia. She may not know who she is. However, some believe that the leads and the investigation has been allowed to grow cold.

Like I said, back in the day, Southern cops were known to have their way with unprotected black women and girls, who then dumped the women out in some wilderness or swamp or near some train tracks to their fate. This scenario has been running through the minds of many older blacks from my generation on down. I didn’t start the suspicion, I merely named it. The sheriff’s deputies from the Lost Hills-Agoura station haven’t been reassuring about allaying the suspicion either.

Now her father is being investigated for threatening the mayor of Malibu, Andy Stern, for not doing enough to help find the 24-year-old woman.

Earlier this month Stern filed a report with the Sheriff’s Department after Michael Richardson left a voice mail on the mayor’s cell phone service that the mayor found threatening.

Stern said that Richardson had called him several times on Oct. 2 wanting to speak with him about his daughter who has been missing since Sept. 17 after being released from the Lost Hills-Malibu Sheriff’s Station. Stern said the father had become abusive while speaking to him on the phone so he hung up on Richardson.

Richardson then left a message saying, in a strong tone, among other things, that he would send a busload of people to protest at an address that Stern identified as his office.

Stern said Richardson wanted him, and the city, to do something about his missing daughter, but the mayor said, “We don’t the have the authority and ability and know how to tell emergency people what to do.

“If he somehow thinks we’re unsympathetic, he’s wrong,” Stern continued. But “that’s not the role of a city council member or mayor … to tell emergency and law enforcement what to do.”

Oh, really.

Then what the hell is their role? Especially when citizens put these representatives in office to do their jobs?

Being a policeman or a sheriff’s deputy is not necessarily contingent on their training or their passing tests or their marksmanship. It also hinges on how they help, protect, or assist the public, no matter what color, gender, or sexuality they are. We’re not their servants; they are.

Some of these representatives of the law are known for their marked partiality or preference for one color only. All others aren’t worth their time, effort, or caring. They even scapegoat or attempt to demean or humiliate blacks when blacks tell them that they are in the wrong. And these guys know that they have overstepped, but they refuse to back up and apologize, and they do stupid things to save face. The Skip Gates affair is Case No. 1. Remember when the sheriff’s spokesmen snapped back at journos and concerned relatives and friends, saying that Mitrice was grown, or an adult who made an informed decision? The imbeciles are still picking their teeth off the ground for that towering insensitivity.

This isn’t a thin blue line. It’s a Berlin Wall.

I don’t mind sweating the authorities and the cops when it comes to incidents like these. It means that people are indeed holding them responsible, no matter if it happened in Malibu or in Compton. More and more people are becoming aware of Mitrice’s disappearance, and are upset that there hasn’t been more to publicize it. And not just black people.

Trying to sweat Michael Richardson out in return, though, is a piss-poor way of passing off blame for the authorities’ own incompetence, ignorance and insensitivity. It’s so glaring and so obvious. Lay off, nigg*r, is what this sounds like. We’ll get to you when we feel like it.

The longer Richardson is missing, the more her family and friends must face the possibility of her death by misadventure. I can imagine how crazy-making that prospect is for any father to consider, a father who was proud and caring of his daughter. I can forgive Michael Richardson for his feelings of impotence, grief and rage, for not being able to find his daughter and to save her from her fate. I sympathize greatly with him, and his family, and extended family members. What would you have done?

And I am not sure many others will be able to forgive these Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies whether Mitrice Richardson will be found dead or alive.

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  1. I am a 25 year old white male from Baltimore, but I have always been a critic of the LAPD. If you are a celebrity, your case gets solved by the LAPD fairly quickly. If you are an Average Joe or Jane, you are treated like crap. That is why the Richardson family lawyer said in a Today Show interview that if Mitrice was a Spears or a Lohan, she would have been treated differently. Plus, the LAPD spokesman has changed their story on what happened that night so many times, that it seems like the LAPD spokesman is only out to save the LAPD’s behinds. They need the FBI to go in there and find out what really went on that night and what is really going on right now with the investigation. I have signed this online petition to request a Federal investigation into Mitrice Richardson’s disappearance:

    I encourage people to sign it. We need a Federal investigation.


  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been following Mitrice’s disappearance and posting about it too.

    The incompetence by public officials must be dealt with. They have been at the center of this from the beginning.

    It’s been a very long time but I’m still praying that Mitrice will be found safe.

    I’ve linked to this post on my blog.


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