The Richmond High CA Gang Rape Case: She’s a Puta Now

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Not only should the seven or eight guys who ran a train on this girl should have the book thrown at them, but the up to twenty-five guys the cops are saying who watched and snickered and got off on the entire scene for two and a half hours should have charges lodged against them. They were watching and encouraging the commission of a crime and not reporting it. There were even people who walked by, saw or heard what was happening, and did not report it.

The victim, 15, was raped, beaten and robbed. There were cell-phone pictures and videos taken of her degradation. She was lured into her fate. Tired of waiting for her father to pick her up from the homecoming dance, she went with a friend to the north side of the high school, to just hang out and drink in a very secluded, unlighted part of the campus. But I wouldn’t be surprised that the “friend” was actually told to sucker some girl into coming with him. Very quickly, she was liquored up and then her ordeal began. From KTVU, Channel 2:

Lt. Mark Gagan said two Richmond High students had actually been taken into custody Monday, but one had been released because there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him.

The other, who could be charged with robbery, false imprisonment, rape and other sex crimes, was helping police piece together details about the attack that took place for two hours outside Saturday night’s dance.

So somebody is snitching, but others are going to have to stand up.

“What we have gleaned from his interview is more information about who was there and what other people did,” Gagan told KTVU. “As people are interviewed and they realize the trouble they are in, they are going to start telling about what other people did. That whole mob mentality is now breaking down.”

A second suspect in custody in the case — 19-year-old Manuel Ortega, a former student at Richmond High — was arrested shortly after the incident. He faces charges of rape, robbery and false imprisonment in the case. His bail has been set at $800,000.

By the time the cops rescued the girl, she was bloodied and semi-conscious. She was found lying atop a picnic table used for the kids’ bag lunches. Some of the cops admitted that they had never seen such a thing in their lives. The girl had to be helicoptered to a local hospital.

Amazingly, the person who reported the incident to police was nowhere near Richmond High School during the attack. The person overheard other people talking about the assault which was still going on. They called police saying the story sounded believable. Police responded to the scene where they found the victim.

Gagan added, “We are still speaking with her, she is helping us with the investigation. Her physical injuries are non-life threatening. We believe she will be out of the hospital soon. The emotional trauma she suffered is a whole another level. This is a life-altering experience.”

It always is. That child is going to need a lot of help to get out of that land of darkness. And if she is Latina, probably a lot of help from outside as well as inside of her community. Within the Latino community, though, in many quarters, she’s now a puta no matter how culpable her attackers are. Understand that I by no means label this poor girl, but her community will. They’ll blame and scapegoat her to save the young men who’ll stand trial as adults and juveniles.

That means that the Latino community–males and females–must change its backwards, life-destroying attitudes about women and rape. Ain’t no two ways about it.

The person who called the police was a young woman, a graduate of Richmond High, who lived a few blocks away from the school and overheard students returning from the rape scene, talking, boasting and laughing about it.

What gets me is this: what if the young men knew it was one of their sisters? their girlfriends? their mother? their grandmother or their aunt who had been so brutalized? Of course, they would be ready to get guns to go after the perps.

But she is no different than their mamas and grandmamas. And they don’t get it.

A $20,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrests of all the perpetrators in this case.

I pray for the girl to find both healing and justice.

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  1. And all it would have taken was for one witness to notify the authorities while it was happening! The victim would still have suffered the damage, but more of the guilty(participants and witnesses)could have been apprehended. The fact that it was watched by so many (and reported only by someone who’d heard about it) is really damning. It incriminates everyone on the scene, because everyone had a “reason” for not reporting it IMMEDIATELY. Their dislike of lesbians, or thinking “she had it coming” or whatever…none of it washes. Imagine the thoughts of those not yet apprehended; does anyone think any of them are bothered by feelings of guilt? More than likely they’re PROUD of what they did, and would(will) do it again, because in their warped minds they did nothing wrong. That’s one of the most frightening things about violent criminals–they don’t think like we do. And there’s not much separating the bystander from the participant except the will to violate.


  2. Richmond never seems to get much news except when something like this happens. I went to high school in Richmond back in the ’60’s, when there was a lot of confrontation between blacks and whites. That was bad enough, but this kind of behavior witnessed by many people at a homecoming dance(of all places)was unheard of. At least, I never heard of any incidents like this. Yes, that’s a long time ago; homosexuals were still “in the closet” and there was very little support for them(crimes against them have always been perpetrated), but gang rapes and violence weren’t tolerated, especially by a bunch of students. I’m straight and certainly not perfect, but have never entertained the idea of beating, raping, or otherwise hurting someone because of his or her sexual orientation/choices/lifestyle. Like most meaningful changes, the correction for this kind of thinking needs to come from within the group that tolerates or fosters it, and we all need to stand up against this behavior. But that takes courage; anyone trying to intervene at this rape scene would probably have been stomped. I feel so bad for the young victim, and the punishment of these men, however well deserved, will never begin to heal the damage they inflicted. I’m for capital punishment in this and many other cases. These criminals had their fun and punched their tickets; their choices deny them the right to live amongst the rest of us.


  3. Okay. NO, she wasnt latina she was white.
    And yes many people are saying she was a whore because she had and overly active sex life but i mean who cares? she didnt deserve that, she is very sweet, she always asked me for gum in class and we had some good times. What i dont like is that people all over the internet are saying that richmond high students are all pigs. thats not true there are some trully smart and sweet kids there.


    • From what I understood, the girl was Latina, because it was a predominantly Latino high school. It still doesn’t matter, though. Nobody merits this kind of treatment.


  4. WHATEVER!!! There is no racism in this discussion! those faggots will get their asses rapped in prison! A rapist is the #1 target in prison.


    • Race hate and now homophobia.

      I don’t wish rape on ANYBODY.

      Leave your racism at the fcking door!


  5. I’m surprised that spanish web news have nothing about this assault, could it be because the culprit are Latinos amd they do not want to offend the majority of their base? This same case happenned there in Richmond back last year when a latina was beaten and raped by a gang of latinos because they thought she was gay.I think is time to DEPORT the criminals that commit crimes back to their country.


    • Some of those who assaulted the girl were underage, which means that they and their parents have been here for quite a while or were born here.

      I have no problems with Chicanos or Latinos because they are in my own family.

      Second, it’s not only Latinos, but blacks; upper class whites versus lower class whites…this is not just intra-racial, but class wise as well.

      Please keep your racism about Mexicans and Latinos out of this discussion.


  6. You’re so right…this is a real shame…that’s just LAtino culture for you…not matter what the man is right and the woman is a whore/slut/puta…the man can’t control himself and it was her job as a woman to not let this happen..It’s so awful I feel so terrible for this girl, my prayers are with her we are all very devastated…


  7. This is similar to the infamous gang rape in my hometown on New Bedford Mass over 20 years ago. We held candlelight marches to ‘take back the night’ on behalf of all victims of violence. We were faced with the backlash of the old school moms who still believed you can’t rape a ‘whore’, besides their daughters, nieces and aunts would always be chapperoned. I later moved from that city without looking back. The women who was raped later died in a car accident, and many celebrated. In the old days, your family was your gang, just knowing a women’s family would raise hell if you didn’t treat her right was a deterent in itself. Now with single Moms and smaller families, these children are singled out as easy victims. Maybe we should form our own gangs, not vigilantes but communities and groups of DO NOT FUCK WITH US!


    • There’s a connection being made between this and the New Bedford case as we speak.

      Those people in New Bedford were Portuguese, from another very old school.


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