Updates on Richmond Rape Case: Victim Released, DA Asking for Life Sentences for Four

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Got things to do before I attend the Michael Jackson, This is It show this p.m., but here are some new details before I go:

The victim was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

The 15-year-old victim of the gang rape Saturday night in Richmond, California, was released from a hospital on Wednesday, October 28. Authorities said she would likely not be going home because of privacy concerns.

Meanwhile, police say that witnesses to the rape could be off the hook because of the victim’s age. California law says that witnesses must report a sexual assault involving a child under 15. But since the victim is 15, they are under no legal obligation to report the crime.

Look for the authorities to be pressured on this last point. The state legislature in Sacramento is going to be deluged.

One of the victim’s friends spoke out today; her statement was on CNN.

Secondly, four young men have been charged as adults in this case. And because they are being charged as adults, there are now names connected with the deeds. They are 19-year-old Manuel Ortega, 15-year-old Cody Ray Smith, 16-year-old Ari Morales and 17-year-old Marcelles Peter. The DA wants life sentences for all of them.

A sixth boy has been picked up by the cops. The fifth is still being held, pending charges. The cops promise that more arrests are imminent. That I do not doubt.

More on this case, Barack Obama, the Vietnamese SJSU student, and Wisconsin happenings coming up soon.

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One Response to “Updates on Richmond Rape Case: Victim Released, DA Asking for Life Sentences for Four”

  1. First, several of those kids were not from Richmond. I live four blocks from the high school, and while I would be the first person to say that Richmond High has some things to work on (more from an academic perspective), this case was not caused solely by the community of Richmond and could never happen anywhere else in the country. The kids going to Richmond High are like kids pretty much anywhere– some great kids and some who need some more guidance. There is nothing inherently more evil about kids in this neighborhood. If we as a community/country ignore the needs of children and their families, then terrible things will happen. I work in several different school communities and I hear boys saying degrading things to the girls in their classes on a regular basis. They’re not bad kids– if someone takes the time to explain why it’s wrong, and shows respect for them as people, they stop. But as long as we don’t put emphasis as a larger society/community on making sure all women are treated with respect, this attitude of the boys is not going away.


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