Two–No, Three–FOUR More Bodies Found in Anthony Sowell’s Backyard; Stepmother Safe in Nursing Home

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Anthony Sowell and the sausage shop

The sausage shop next door to the house where Anthony Sowell lived; neighbors rationalized that the sausages made and stored there created the smell of what was decaying flesh (Courtesy: Cleveland Plain-Dealer)

They are just reporting on the ninth body as I write. When I am almost finished, the Cleveland cops report that ten people’s remains have been removed from Anthony Sowell’s home; up to four today. The police are going to working throughout the night to see if there are any more.

Sisters. Poor sisters. I know they didn’t want to go that way.

A memorial candlelight vigil was held last night for the victims.

They lit candles, carried pictures of their loved ones, and leaned on each other as they awaited word on the identities of the women, at least five of whom had been strangled.

“I believe my mother is going to be one of these women,” Donita Carmichael announced to crowd of about 100 people, who stood for more than an hour Monday evening in the early November chill.

“She went missing from East 118th and Kinsman, right around the corner. Right around the corner.”

Carmichael fears her mother was a victim of Anthony Sowell, a convicted rapist now being held by Cleveland Police, who found six bodies in his attic, backyard, and basement late last week.

When organizers of the candlelight vigil asked relatives and friends to hold up pictures of the missing, dozens of posters, pictures, and flyers were displayed above the crowd, a sight that sent shivers through many of the onlookers.

“This is like something from a horror movie,” said a neighborhood resident who told WKYC he “just had to be here.” Another added, “This is just not right. I never thought I would see something like this. On my own street.”

My fear was that the elderly stepmother was among the victims.

There was concern that the woman could be one of the victims, but on Monday night, Sowell’s brother, Allen, told NewsChannel5 that he was finally able to talk with his stepmother, and she is safe in a nursing home.

Allen Sowell had been unable to reach his stepmother in some time and worried as the story about his brother broke that she wasn’t in a nursing home, as he had been told.

Allen Sowell said his stepmother has been following the events of what’s been discovered in her Imperial Avenue home but said she was unaware of anything wrong when she was living there.

Allen Sowell said she had been trying to reach him but she was misdialing his phone number.

He said while knowing she’s OK is a huge relief, his heart still goes out to those with family missing.

Now they’ve found ten bodies–four in the backyard today. The police and neighbors could always smell a stench in the area, but they believed that it was coming from a sausage shop located next door to the Sowell house.

Once people know what the smell of putrifying flesh truly is, it is something that they never forget. Modern individuals in the West have no idea what death smells like–until they go to killing fields in places like Bosnia, Cambodia, Sudan, and Rwanda. Ex-GIs from the Greatest Generation know what it is like, whether it is smelling their buddies’ bodies in the trenches, or those of enemy soldiers they have killed. And then there was the stench of bodies lying like cord wood or willy-nilly when the concentration camps were opened in 1945. American soldiers were so outraged when they saw the carnage left by the fleeing Germans that they brought the inhabitants of nearby cities and towns in to see the horror, and to ask them, how could they ignore that smell of decaying corpses, or the rain of falling ash from the chimneys of the crematoria?

But regular Americans–regular people–know nothing about the smell of death these days. Death is sanitized for our consumption; we cannot believe that death can be dealt that near to us, and often without our say-so. We trust our family members, our friends, and our neighbors not to hurt us, and not to kill us. Now in the black community of Cleveland, there is even less trust and more fear.

A man familiar with decomposing bodies said it takes someone familiar with rotting bodies to detect the odor. The smell is extremely pungent and hard to describe, said Albert Samuels, chief investigator for the Wayne County medical examiner in Detroit.

He compared the odor to a pile of rotting meat.

“Not many people know what a dead body smells like,” he said. “It’s a very, very strong smell that is foul and indistinguishable. It’s the mixture of gas, flesh and blood. It’s rotting foul flesh. It’s the reason people are embalmed.”

The foul odor eventually loses its edge until a body is disturbed, Samuels said. Still, he is amazed that people lived with the smell for years.

“Hindsight is 20-20,” Samuels said, “but it should have alerted someone.”

From WEWS in Cleveland:

A heated tent is being installed in the back yard so crews can work through the night.

Police, coroner and fire personnel are at the home, along with a dump truck.

Police have scheduled a news conference for 6 p.m. Crews started digging this afternoon, two days after they had stopped searching for bodies.

Those remains of a fourth body? A skull, found wrapped in a paper bag in a bucket in the basement.

Shades of Dahmer, who had someone’s poor head cooking on the stove, it was said.

Word to the cops: don’t ignore that basement, either. But you should have been onto this sh*t long ago. The guy was released in 2005. Four years–four years of murdering women. Even the corner grocer noted that Sowell was always buying garbage bags.

Cops are NOT doing their jobs. Instead, they want to break the heads of the wrong people.

SMH. Just SMH.

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