To Cleveland Cops, The Lives of Black Women Were Cheap (w/Update)

UPDATE: It was announced this afternoon that the remains of Tanya Carmichael have been identified.

The first victim was identified Wednesday as Tonia [sic] Carmichael, who was 52 when she was last seen on November 10, 2008, police said in a statement. Carmichael was identified using DNA. She disappeared from Warrensville Heights, a Cleveland suburb near Sowell’s home.

Also, an eleventh victim has been found at the Sowell house.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Because some of the missing women were on crack, police refused to listen to the pleas of their loved ones that the women had disappeared.

The police made fun of the relatives who insisted on filing a missing person’s report. In the case of Tanya Carmichael, they had to ask for a superior to have their report recorded.

This is the kind of sh*t that happened when a 14-year-old Asian American, Konerak Sinthasomphone, who was naked and disoriented, and with blood leaking from his rectum, managed to get away from Jeffrey Dahmer. And then the Milwaukee cops, over the protests of the women who found the boy, laughingly returned him to his murderer, saying that it was merely one of those gay misunderstandings. One cop even referred to his partner having to get “deloused” from the smell of the undiscovered decomposing body of an earlier victim. It’s a sinister term, by the way, that was used by the German SS in their murders of “subhumans.”

Want to know what happened to those cops? Wiki knows:

John Balcerzak and Joseph Gabrish, two of the three police officers who returned Sinthasomphone to Dahmer, were fired from the Milwaukee Police Department after their actions were widely publicized, including an audiotape of the officers making homophobic statements to their dispatcher and cracking jokes about having reunited the “lovers”. The two officers appealed their termination and were reinstated with back pay. They were named officers of the year by the police union for fighting a “righteous” battle to regain their jobs. Balcerzak was later elected president of the Milwaukee Police Association in May 2005.

Cops tend to reward themselves for incompetence, lack of compassion, and for homophobia and racism. And even towards their own, they can be worse:

In May 2005, Balcerzak was elected president of the Milwaukee Police Association, defeating Sebastian Raclaw by a vote of 521 to 453. As president, he has been criticized for failing to protect officers from mandatory overtime and not supporting African-American officer Alfonzo Glover, who was charged with homicide and later committed suicide. By June 2006, the union vice president had resigned because of disagreements with Balcerzak’s “style of leadership.” A petition to remove Balcerzak was filed and a recall election was held in August 2006. The results were 213 for a recall and 397 to retain him.

Like Milwaukee cops, most of these Cleveland cops live in still-white neighborhoods and in white flight suburbs that surround Cleveland proper. They maintain a brazenly superior, even racist attitude towards those that they’re charged with serving and with keeping the peace. In my view, they’re standing on the hanging stool. These idiots should be living among those they have to police. Poor people still maintain a sense of dignity, that they value family, and that they maintain a sense of what is right and wrong–even when they are in the wrong. Look at the grandmother with her fashion hat, aiming to look her best before the camera while standing with her granddaughter in the cold. Look at their missing daughter and mother, and see from the photographs that she was not always on crack, that she was a responsible, though probably lonely mother.

It’s not that these people didn’t know what was happening, that they were being preyed upon. They just knew something was wrong, that something was not right. And in an atmosphere of silence, and where the cops didn’t give a sh*t about the lives they are supposed to protect, a murderer was allowed to do his worst in their neighborhood.

If something like this had happened where the cops lived, a Sowell type wouldn’t have lasted five minutes. It wasn’t just opportunity that allowed Anthony Sowell to prosper for four years. It was how Cleveland’s cops tended to value human life; that it only belonged to those who were white and middle-class and to those who didn’t have their neighborhoods red-lined.

Just what the fck are these people doing as cops? Because they ain’t or don’t want to do their fcking jobs.

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  1. Over and over again, Black women’s lives are neither valued nor protected. I hear more about the balloon boy, that California girl, Jaycee, Annie Le, the Florida girl who went missing and was found dead, etc., than the missing/dead women of LA, Cleveland, and Rocky Mount, N.C.

    That’s a travesty that shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone in society.

    La Reyna


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