Rihanna on GMA: “I Feel Ashamed…Eff Love.”

Yeah, eff love.

Because, definitely, that wasn’t love. From O.J. and Nicole Simpson to Billie Holiday and Joe Guy, Jimmy Monroe, and Louis McKay, etc. , to James Brown and his myriad relationships, legal or extralegal.

This is the first part. And then, there’s supposedly another interview tomorrow morning and a less edited version on 20/20. That Friday morning interview on GMA will go blow by blow on what happened in Chris Brown’s rented sports car the evening they were expected to perform on a televised music awards show.

Well, she had to speak up eventually, and unfortunately, it is in the repackaging of her image for this new dark album she has, Russian Roulette. I wish she had spoken earlier, but perhaps this is also about when and how she could finally get over Chris Brown’s injuries, and the fatal injury to their relationship. Frankly, I’d prefer to listen to someone like Mary J. Blige, about getting up and ovah.

I was really hoping she would finally get away from the guy, and she did. Here’s why:

Music star Rihanna said she decided she had to end her relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown after realizing the message she sent to her fans by going back to him after he assaulted her.

“When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part,” she told ABC’s Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America this morning in the first part of an exclusive interview. “I couldn’t be held responsible for telling them, ‘Go back.’ Even if Chris never hit me again, who’s to say that their boyfriend won’t? Who’s to say they won’t kill these girls?”

Last time you remember (shades of Rocky & Bullwinkle), in July, Rihanna and Chris Brown were thought to be meeting up in New York, but living on separate floors of a hotel. And I was SMH at what I thought was further destruction in the works.

Sawyer noted that, on average, woman will take a beating seven times before leaving. The 21-year-old’s response was chilling.

“Eight or nine actually,” she corrected. “And I don’t want that to happen…It’s completely normal to go back. You start lying to yourself. The minute the physical wounds go away, you want this thing to go away. This is a memory you don’t want to have ever again.”

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Eight or nine times? And any one of those times, the guy could drop an anvil permanently on the woman.

Well, I am glad for her, but it’s only the beginning. She’s young, and there are certainly some things that are not ringing true for her yet, even though she’s talking the talk. She needs further reinforcement about the kinds of men she wants to have against the kinds of men she would tend attract, especially due to her highly stylized public image. Rihanna needs to continue to break clean from abusive men. It’s going to be a life-long fight. Just as it is a life-long fight against anything and anyone who wants to tear another person down, and kill their self-respect.

And especially for a female entertainer, it is hard.

I think I am going to wait on that 20/20 interview. But this is certainly a teaser.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Chris Brown picked the absolutely wrong time to announce an upcoming tour. Or did he? His interview with MTV happens at 6 p.m. ET on Friday, November 6, before Rihanna’s appearance on 20/20. Frankly, though, he looks a wreck.

He looks like Kanye did when Leno asked him what his mother would have thought about his dropkick of Taylor Swift.

Either Rihanna or Chris Brown’s handlers are planning their artist’s musical and personal moves to counter each other, and the damage, so to speak, or are staying in competition with each other. I have to believe that all this is not a mere co-inkydink.

Packaging, packaging, packaging…

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