At Last Night’s Vigil for Shaniya Davis

Okay, this is a better video than the earlier one from the Associated Press that I posted. Apparently, the Associated Press took this from the local channels and chopped it up for its purposes. I know this is the biggest thing for these news outlets in a long while. This also includes footage of Shaniya’s half-sister, who was interviewed by Nancy Grace last night.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bradley Lockhart, shown off his head and supported by friends, family, and members of his church at this vigil attended by dozens of grieving parents, grandparents, strangers and volunteers who searched for the child, apparently has been in both the black and white communities in this part of North Carolina. On Nancy Grace last night, Lockhart’s older, teen daughter looked biracial as well and her voice had the cadences of Southern black language. He’s what one might call a white brother or an honorary brother. He admires black people; he admires black women. Openly.

Being hurt to the heart by the death of his little daughter doesn’t make him a weak man. Not by halves.

Despite my misgivings: that he gave Shaniya back to her mom without checking up and finding that drug bust three months ago at the mobile home, he deserves our respect for loving and keeping his children, and in particular, his little daughter Shaniya. And our prayers for him and his family.

It doesn’t mean that he, for being white, is better than most black men. Let’s say that he was better than most men in his small part of Fayetteville, NC. And better than most white men in the country.

~ by blksista on November 17, 2009.

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