Another Jeezus Take the Wheel Moment: Dad Strips and Shoots Son Execution-Style After Son Confesses to Mom That He Acted Inappropriately With His Three-Year-Old Sister

Hat tip to The Field Negro:

Lazette Cherry, Jamar Jr.’s mother, said she wanted to get her 15-year-old son help when he came to her and said he had acted inappropriately with his 3-year-old half-sister.

There wasn’t a rape, Cherry said her son told her. But he confessed to his mother that he knew lying on top of the baby was wrong, she said.

So she called her son’s father and told him what she believed happened in his home on Newport on Detroit’s east side.

“I called and told his father this isn’t something you sweep under the rug,” the devastated mother said today.

His father showed up at the house Monday afternoon with a gun, she said.

“He started beating him right here,” Cherry said from her living room. “I said, ‘No, please stop!’ ”

But the father marched Jamar Jr., a sophomore at Martin Luther King High School, outside.

“He got on his knees and begged, ‘No, Daddy! No!’ and he pulled the trigger,” she said. “There wasn’t nothing that my son wouldn’t do for his father. He loved his father so much.”

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office charged Pinkney Sr. with first-degree murder, punishable by up to life in prison. He’s also been charged with three counts of felonious assault for pointing the gun at Cherry and two other people at her home before the shooting.

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There are hardly any words to say. The boy did not deserve this. At least, he admitted to what he did. A talking to, yes. That’s what he needed. But not this. He needed to be talked to about what was right and wrong about sex. That you don’t use your younger sister to experiment with. Instead, the father tore the boy’s clothes off, drove him out of the house onto the front lawn before witnesses, and shot him in the head.

The mother cannot blamed if this is what she actually told the father. Now she is a bereaved mother. Her son is gone. She has to take up a collection to bury him. All she wanted was the father to be responsible for his son’s conduct, that this kind of behavior was not okay and could have ramifications for his sister’s mental as well as physical health.

Our children need help, but not this kind of help.

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7 Responses to “Another Jeezus Take the Wheel Moment: Dad Strips and Shoots Son Execution-Style After Son Confesses to Mom That He Acted Inappropriately With His Three-Year-Old Sister”

  1. Did you ever think that it may be that the dad did want the kid to be charged as an adult as he very well might have, and end up going to prison and being a target of horny sex-offenders himself. Or even being treated like a baby raper in prison, stabbed or something else. Plus people with these tendencies cannot be helped, this guy needs a parenting award not a prison term.


  2. The thing is this boy knew he did wrong and he didn’t rape the child, just acted inappropriately. With a father like his, he probably had issues. What man can shoot his son in cold blood. How can that be his son’s last moment on this earth. Looking at his father as he kills him. Wow.


  3. I think we aren’t getting the whole story here. On one hand, it is horrible that a father’d do that. On the other hand, what if the son had a pattern of acting inappropriately with younger girls?


    • We don’t even know that yet at all. As you can read, the mother clearly said to the dad that this was something that he couldn’t sweep under the rug. Perhaps the boy was acting out sexually; he could have been caught masturbating earlier by his mother in the bathroom or something, or was walking about naked after a bath or shower without covering himself up. We don’t know what the character of his previous behavior as yet, but apparently it was something that she thought the father should handle. It doesn’t excuse the father’s reaction at all.


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  5. wow.. that’s horrible.


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