Bradley Lockhart Appearing on Nancy Grace’s HLN Show Monday Night; Break Out the Popcorn and the Scrutiny About His Daughter, Shaniya Davis

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Some people have visited This Black Sista’s Page and commented that they don’t trust Bradley Lockhart’s statements anymore, after I posted my article about the comments of Byron Coleman, Sr. (Lockhart’s father-in-law), Cheyenne Lockhart, and family friend Tim Allen about the nature of his relationship with Shaniya, as well as the previous death of his second wife through gun violence. Apparently by this time, even the family and extended family are split about who didn’t do what right. I will admit that Brad Lockhart certainly appears to look suspicious. Perhaps this is why Grace has gotten this “exclusive.” Maybe she smells something fishy, too. Well, tomorrow’s your chance to heat up HLN’s phones and ask those questions that definitely need answering.

The viewers’ phone line is 1-877-NANCY-01, or 1-877-626-2901.

Nancy Grace primetime exclusive! Shaniya Davis’ father, Bradley Lockhart, breaks his silence & discusses the heinous rape & murder of his 5-yr-old daughter. This as the murdered girl’s mother is transferred to another jail for her own safety; is she getting special treatment behind bars? Hear what the little girl’s father has to say about her mother, who police say sold her daughter for sex. Does Shaniya’s dad think the mom will be charged with murder? Taking your calls live — Nancy Grace has the latest, breaking developments in the case — only at 8 & 10 pm ET on HLN!

Understand that the live show will be on at 8 (Eastern), 7 (Central) and 5 (Pacific) and the repeats on 10 p.m. There will be no live phone talk at 10 p.m.

I know I’ll be watching this segment, and taking some notes. You?

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  1. that nancy grace show was a joke. i am totally discusted with nancy grace and all the sympathy shown to Lockart not once did she asked him a question of relevance instead all she did was to pitty him and say how sad he must be never once addressing why did he leave shanoya for 5 weeks with never checking on her. why if Antoinette had drug issues in the past and that his sister did not approve of Antoinette instead she emphasize on his grief and his new involvment with Stop Child Trafficking Now yet it is very clear that Shaniya would be here if it was not for him. I have stopped watching nancy grace she is an idiot who is only interested in ratings. She showed whom she really was to me with the way she handled the Lockart story and how mean and low she was with Tiger Wood and how his life and his family’s life was exposed and if their was ever any hope of mending their marriage it could not be done as I am sure the wife could not face the world after so much dirt has come out which I am sure a lot of it is not true. As for the girl who claims she was with him for 3 years and they had 3 sexual encounters and that she believed that they had a relationship must not have been much of one if you see someone 3 times in 3 years. She also must be an idiot a liar or quite a naive person. Anyway Nancy Grace is a disgrace and another one who claims to be a child advocate she is nothing like a child advocate, she is only a scum looking for the grossest case she can comment on.


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